Who's using Promapp for BPM in IT and Telecommunications?

Ricoh Australia

IT & Telecommunications

"Promapp helps us to see where systems are being used and how widely they are being used. It's useful in terms of managing access to those systems and it's a requirement for compliance with our information security standard”


IT & Telecommunications

"Our efforts with Promapp have resulted in better issue of provisioning instructions and less billing errors. We've also got much improved induction for new team members. There's a clear way of doing things so new staff become effective much faster."


IT & Telecommunications

“One unexpected outcome was the level of conversation and debate generated between the various departments which lead to a greater understanding of their respective roles, reduced conflict among them and better supported immediate and continuous improvement.”


Datam are business transformation specialists. They work with large organisations to optimise the exchange of information with their customers and suppliers.


‘We’re not drowning in procedural documentation. Teams really appreciate that we only produce processes that add value for our customers and our business.’

Radfords Software

Inventory and inventory-related software applications for the horticultural sector.