Who's using Promapp for BPM in Local Government?

Promapp is well suited to the challenges of local government organisations – which provide a diverse range of services to their customers. Promapp’s simple methodology resolves the challenges of historical approaches that have not worked for managing heavily rule and compliance-driven processes.

Get free access to more than 1,000 standard council processes in our Local Government Shared Process Library – processes shared by councils for councils.

Warringah Council

Local Government

"It [Promapp] allowed us to manage critical dependencies. Councils don’t have a huge amount of people so we have to use resources wisely and widely."

Adelaide City Council

Local Government

“With the previous system it took us a while to work out statistical data – with Promapp we can just export it into a spreadsheet. We might have 100 audits going, it does it in 30 seconds.”

Gosford City Council

Local Government

“It’s not just senior management making these decisions. With Promapp, everyone has a chance to contribute – to feel like they’re helping to build the new organisation.”

Port Stephens Council

"We were attracted by Promapp’s Local Government Shared Process Library which enables us to both share knowledge and learn from the experience of more than 265 councils throughout Australia and New Zealand" Case Study

City of Karratha

“Promapp is a well-designed, user-friendly program that is fast becoming a valuable asset to our organisation”. Case Study

Gosford City Council

"With Promapp, everyone has a chance to contribute – to feel like they’re helping to build the new organisation.” Case Study

Liverpool City Council

Liverpool City Council governs 42 suburbs and helps the local community by providing services, facilities, resources and support. Read more.

Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council

"We needed the ability to create standard, or base-line processes, and then add variations to cover different scenarios or work streams..." See how they are using Process Variant Management to tame process variations. Case Study

Adelaide City Council

“Promapp has helped us connect people, document processes, develop succession planning and mitigate risks by sharing knowledge and identifying ways to continuously improve.” Case Study

Mildura Rural City Council

"Promapp offered everything we required plus much more." Case Study

Horowhenua District Council

“Promapp is just easier; it’s easy for staff to use, easy for them to create processes. We wanted the whole business to use this, so they were doing it themselves.” Case Study

Penrith City Council

Penrith is a city on the western fringe of the Sydney metropolitan area, in east central New South Wales, Australia.

Wingacarrabee Shire Council

The local government authority for the Southern Highlands of New South Wales.

Lismore City Council

“Lismore City Council is using Promapp as a tool to assist with our continuous improvement initiatives. We have found it to be very easy to use and the help tutorials and videos are excellent.”

City of Boroondara

The local government of the City of Boroondara is responsible for more than 150 services, from family and children's services, traffic regulation, open space, youth facilities, waste management and community building.

Wyndham City Council

Wyndham City Council is the local government authority in Melbourne, Australia's Werribee and surrounding areas.

Yarra Ranges Council

Located on Melbourne's eastern fringe Yarra Ranges is one of Victoria's largest, most varied, scenic municipalities.

Shire of Northam

The Shire of Northam is a local government area in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia, beyond the northeastern fringe of the Perth metropolitan area centred on the town of Northam itself.

Wellington Shire

Wellington Shire is ideally placed for enjoying all that Gippsland has to offer, whether as a resident, visitor or tourist.

Moorabool Shire Council

Provides a range of services across the Shire.

City of Mitcham

The City of Mitcham is a clean and green City - a good place to live and work, with an enviable blend of both urban and rural environments, a prestigious heritage and sense of tradition.

City of Marion

Aims to provide physical, social, environmental and economic services and facilities that benefit its area, its ratepayers and its residents, as well as visitors to the area.

Shire of Yorke

A place of community, where lifestyle choices are important and where community matters.

Southland Regional Council

Encompasses the management and improvement of physical assets and the Southland communities' social, economic, cultural and environmental wellbeing. Case Study

Taupo District Council

"Promapp system is so easy to use that employees can literally be trained on it in half an hour." Case Study

Waikato District Council

"Promapp has changed the way we manage our business. It is all about induction, risk management, continuous improvement, business continuity; it has provided us with so much more than just a process mapping tool."

Nelson City Council

"Replacing Visio with Promapp has simplified our process diagrams and made them easier for all staff to understand. Promapp helps us to move forward in our goal to actively manage and own our processes."

Taranaki Regional Council

"Easy to use and cost-effective...a solution that allows us to manage the development and implementation of the IRIS project / communicate processes in a standardised format that staff can access and suggest improvements easily."

Wanganui District Council

Wanganui District Council has been working through a Continuous Improvement Framework to enable us to operate more effectively and efficiently. Promapp has enabled us to document our existing processes quickly and easily and has given us the tools to improve those processes.

Hawkes Bay Regional Council

"Promapp has revolutionised the way we deal with those simple processes that no one can ever remember, proving valuable as an induction tool where the fundamentals are often overlooked."

Gisborne District Council

"We chose Promapp because it is a simple, user-friendly product which allows us to quickly and easily achieve our goal of having one repository for all business processes and drive a programme of process review and improvement."

Central Highlands Regional Council

Central Highlands Regional Council is a local government area in Queensland, Australia.

Whangarei District Council

The Whangarei District covers the lower eastern section of Northland, extending from Langs Beach in the south to Bland Bay in the north, and westwards towards Dargaville.

Northland Regional Council

Northland Regional Council is one of Northland's primary environmental guardians and aims to protect Northland's land, water, coast and air while still allowing for sustainable development.

Tararua District Council

"Chosen to help us implement a full enterprise software change, it gave us a way to quickly capture processes and display them simply to staff."

City Parks

"For an organisation that has had minimal documented business processes, Promapp has been a catalyst to promote and encourage focus and effort into this important part of delivering quality services to our customers."

Palmerston North City Council

Palmerston North City Council looks after Palmerston North City and its population of approximately 85,000 residents.