A better way to battle process variations

Until now, managing process variations has been unnecessarily complex, costly and inconsistent.  It can be a huge problem, particularly for multi-national organizations and companies with multiple locations, or who offer multiple products or services.  In fact, according to pioneer of business model innovation,  Steve Stanton, 90% of organizations fail at process standardization.   

Steve explains, “Standardization is a very common and very difficult problem. And because the consequences of non-standardization are not calculated, many companies don’t know how much it is costing them.”   

We thought it was time for a better approach.

I’m extremely excited to announce the launch of Promapp’s new Process Variant Management (PVM) Module.  We’re making it simple to establish standardized processes with controlled variations. From banks to manufacturers, insurance companies to local councils, organizations who want to standardize core processes but meet the requirements of a specific location, product or customer can now easily own or eliminate process variations and improve transparency, compliance and control. 

Watch our video or join an Intro to Promapp webinar to learn more.


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