A Promapp success story: Konica Minolta

Here at Promapp our customers are important to us and so it's great when we hear stories like this one from Murray at Konica Minolta about how Promapp has made a real difference to their business and the people working there. Feel free to share your stories with us, we'd love to hear them.

"I am a consultant in business process and had been doing some very high level "as-is" mapping in the business for a few months. I had just completed the Accounts Receivable area, when the leadership team who were concerned about poorer than expected collection rates asked me to assist them with a more detailed review of processes and to write them up for the team.

This was late April, and the situation was that there was various documentation of process and procedure and not really any on policy. Much of it was old (7 years) and so was (at least in the perception of users) out of date and unreliable.  I quickly found there were no standards for documenting process and I needed to find or develop one. It was suggested I look into Promapp as a possible documentation approach. I was most impressed with what I saw in the product and so by mid-May we had and begun running a pilot implementation of Promapp. Support from Promapp was fantastic and a small group of us got going.

It was my task to document all the policies and processes, so I sat briefly with each team member to understand their tasks and procedures. Each process was then put through a review process with the whole team, at each session a different team member presented a process I had written up, they followed the procedure through in the actual system so each step was checked and variations discussed. I sat through all these sessions and within minutes of ending each had updated the process with their suggestions and then changed the status to Active. It only took 5 or 6 weeks to complete the whole area, which was a really pleasant surprise.

These changes were made progressively over June and July. The collection performance was beginning to improve, the team hit their stretch target in June, just missed it in July and have posted exceptional results for the next three months. These last three months have been the best sustained performance since introducing the system in 2008 and August was the second best month on record.

Not all of the results can be attributed to Promapp, but it has been an obvious catalyst to process understanding and ownership by the whole team. As a process consultant I am amazed at the regular use I see the team putting Promapp to. I am no doubt a bit odd, but it gives me a buzz to hear a team member struggling with a process and say "what does Promapp say?".

We have now moved on to launch Promapp across the business in NZ and Australia. The Accounts receivable team are now in charge of their own processes and they have added and updated those I did a few months ago. The business is going through a transformation and much is uncertain, but one thing has been established. We will be using Promapp to document the new business processes."

Murray Coulter, Konica Minolta Business Solutions New Zealand Limited

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