BPM and timeframes

It doesn’t matter what sector you work in, delivering value to the consumer of your product or service in the most efficient timeframe possible is paramount to the success of your organisation. A slow process could mean the loss of customers or a failure to meet legislative requirements.

When evaluating the efficiency of a process there are two key timeframes to consider:

Active Time: How long does it take a person/resource to complete each activity?

Wait Time: What is the period of time that elapses between when the activity is started and when it is completed?

A simple example of active time vs wait time is the supermarket checkout. The period of time from when you start standing in the checkout queue to when you leave the shop with your groceries is considered the wait time. The time you spend at the self-service kiosk, scanning and paying for your items (and waiting for the machine to stop telling you to place your items in the bagging area) is the active time. Both times are important to the overall experience for the consumer, and both require different improvements to reduce delays and frustrations. I'm sure we would all appreciate shorter queues, or machines that don’t require operator intervention, next time we are lined up at the supermarket.

In the latest version of Promapp we are introducing a new tool set that allows you to capture timeframe information for every step of your processes.  You’ll be able to capture the active and wait time for each activity, including the total time for any linked processes. You will also be able to list the variance scenarios that could change the overall timeframe of your process.
The timeframes are visible as coloured jubes associated with each step in both the process map and procedure view. The visibility of the timeframes on your process should make it easier to quickly compare and analyse where the bottle necks are in your process.

As you change your processes, a history of the total timeframe is kept.  Over time you’ll be able to see just how much you have improved — excellent news for reporting!

To quote a guiding principle from the Agile Manifesto we adhere to - “Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.” We hope the new process timeframe tools in Promapp will help you to be able to provide early and continuous value to your customers too.

Take a look at this short video on how to you can capture timeframes in Promapp.

If you haven't seen Promapp before and would like to, you can watch our overview video or try it for free for 30 days.

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