Change management lessons from Social Media

Organisations that are looking to drive change, and are sincerely seeking process improvement, can learn a lot from the rise of social media.

Two decades ago, nobody had heard of social media or social networking.  Today, it’s everywhere.  Social has become part of how we learn, how we share and how we communicate.  The nature of business-to-consumer and business-to-business interaction has completely changed. From the trivial to the serious, from choosing a movie to choosing a life partner, social media plays a role.  As a case study in managing change, social media rules.

Given its ubiquitous impact on society, and the way we communicate, there is considerable opportunity to harness lessons from the success of social media and apply them to one of the more difficult aspects of process improvement: change. Specifically, the application of lessons from social media can be applied to address the challenge of engagement.  

Download this whitepaper in which we challenge organisations to think about new, more effective approaches to change and process management using lessons from Social Media. 

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