How to reboot a sick process culture

The following is an excerpt from a recent article in MHD Supply Chain Solutions — click here for the original.

Although often maligned, frequently out-of-date and, occasionally, ignored completely, procedures and processes provide an essential framework for any organisation's operations. They’re supposed to encapsulate the learnings and experience of the organisation, the best known way of carrying out essential activities and achieving desired outcomes.

So what happens when a company's attention to process wanders, or when its appetite for improvement dissipates and inertia takes over? All of these issues are signs that a weak process culture may be holding the business back, making it all but impossible to deliver even minor improvements.

Many companies privately admit their process culture is not strong. They know their processes are not properly documented, and the little documentation that does exist is invariably out of date.

The way procedures are carried out varies from team to team. And every time a new project comes along, valuable time is lost whilst everyone pauses as they determine what the right processes should be. In these organisations, it's clear current procedures documents aren't working, but the idea of transplanting to a new approach can be overwhelming.

Read the full article here for the seven steps to curing a sick process culture.

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