Keiko's Lessons from the Sydney Process Excellence Summit 2012

We asked the winner of our 2012 User Conference competition to share the top three lessons she picked up from her attendance at the Sydney Process Excellence Summit...

Hello, fellow Promapp users

Firstly I would like thank Promapp for an amazing prize.  The Summit covered three of the main themes; continuous improvement; driving change; and the importance of data.  The three key learnings that I'd like to share are as follows.

1. Get the requirements right:  When talking to customers (both external and internal), you need to articulate what they really want.  Customers don't necessarily know much about what you can do for them, so talking them through what you can do is critical.  As a speaker from TOYOTA Motor Corporation Australia puts it, 'when you're building a new kitchen, you need interaction and advice from a kitchen designer to figure out and visualise what you really want.'

2. Alignment (organisational vision - strategies - processes):  Vision dictates the strategy, and processes (with clear accountabilities) are formulated to achieve the vision, which then determine the business KPI's to measure improvements and performance.  Biggest mistake when deploying the business improvement project is to do it for process sake.  Instead you do it to achieve the vision.  'Alignment' was one of the keywords throughout the summit, and the most inspirational presentation was provided by Auckland District Health Board who has been successful in aligning processes with organisational vision, resulting the major change in employees' mindset (from doctors-first to patient-first).

3. Communication and engagement with staff:  wherever changes in the organisation occur, all staff need to understand its purpose and how it is going to make their lives better.  An effective way to win staff engagement is to tell real success stories, visions, and how it is going to work. Such communication needs to occur at every important project phase.  And most importantly, CELEBRATE successes and reward outstanding performance by staff in front of many people.  Auckland DHB and Johnson & Johnson Australia showed examples of effective staff engagement and reward systems.

The Summit was very interactive with lots of great speakers and smart brains willing to share their experiences, which has opened up a whole new world of business intelligence to me.  For this I cannot thank Ivan and the Promapp team enough - but thank you.

Cheers, Keiko

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