Learning from the process crisis.

NZ Herald - Pike River - Process CrisisCritical process failure has been in the news yet again this last month. The Royal Commission findings from the Pike River inquiry indicate that the responsibility resides at the top - at board level. So, we ask:

What are your leaders doing to make sure your organisation doesn't become the next headline?

Senior management attitudes and investment in process and procedure flow directly into everyday operations. If 'by the book' is talked, but 'when convenient' is walked, teams will follow this attitude with associated implications.

Consider these three tests of visible process leadership:

1. Have you got a board approved vision specifically for process and quality?

2. Have you got a Chief Process Officer?

3. When was the last communication to the organisation from your CIO or CEO endorsing the 'right processes'?

The can-do attitude of many Australasian leaders brings with it competitive advantages, but it's high time the weaknesses were acknowledged as well. Our leaders need to blend a culture of process excellence into every aspect of operations, and make it clear that it's the only option.

Your customers and board will thank them for it.

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