Letter to CEOs: Process culture depends on you

What impact do all these processes and process maps have on your bottom line?

They can have hardly any impact at all, or they can transform your business and disrupt your entire market. It’s your choice!

We’re not advocates of efforts consumed ‘doing process maps’. Any half-arsed attempt at maintaining procedures manuals, simply going through the motions, brings marginal benefit, if any at all.

If you’re going to do it, then do it properly. Here are a couple tips for CEOs that can change attitudes overnight.

Step up and lead the way

Your attitude toward process and what you communicate about ‘how we do things around here’ sets the tone, so keep it simple and crystal clear. Smart processes is smart business; our aim is to take the time to learn from our mistakes and keep improving. Set the expectation that it’s part of everyone’s job. What does this require?

  • A public statement, at least once or twice a year

Recognise your wins

Why bother if there is no advantage to service levels, customer experience, or to the bottom line? Real improvements need to be shared regularly to keep motivation levels up, and show by example exactly why the effort is something the business is committing to. 

Your nominated process champions should take every opportunity to recognise teams that have delivered real improvements. What does this require?

  • The sharing of ‘wins’ at least 3-4 times a year

We believe that the best companies in the world succeed because they get the best out of their teams. Process improvement is a people challenge; it‘s about attitude and mindset. It’s much easier to cure the ills of a ‘busy being busy’ organisational culture than you realise. The benefits of tapping into your teams true capabilities to improve can transform your market position. 

It all starts with you!

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