Meet the Promapp Account Managers!

With the international growth of Promapp and more features being added to the application our Account Management team has kept on growing. They all bring unique attributes to their roles which help clients get the most out of their Promapp implementation. Keep reading and learn more about our account managers as well as a few new faces.

About Wiebke Lum:

Wiebke Lum Account Manager at Promapp“Dreams come a size too big so we can grow into them” – a motto Wiebke lives and breathes each day. Wiebke was born in Hamburg, Germany where the Rubik’s cube was invented. Which is fitting because she enjoys solving tough process challenges and getting engagement from her clients. She has 10 years in business process improvement projects working with many top brands like Airbus, John Deere and DaimlerChrysler. Infected with the travel bug, Wiebke has great overseas experience but now calls New Zealand home. Living in Muriwai with two kids and a dog, she loves being close to the beach and has dug her toes into the New Zealand style of living.

What makes Wiebke a Promapp PROfessional?

Like all good account managers she has been accused of being a good nagger. But sometimes that’s needed to get things done! She loves the buzz of getting people up and running with Prommap and reaping the rewards. Her approach to process improvement is simple; put in the hard yards now and make your life easier in the long run.

What gets her up in the morning?

When she’s not looking after her two kids at home, you’ll find Wiebke out surfing or running the West-Coast beaches.

About Kirsteen Day

Kirsteen Day Account Manager at PromappKirsteen is from the Mull of Kintryre in Scotland made famous by the song of the same name by Paul McCartney & Wings. After travelling the world she settled in New Zealand almost twelve years ago. An avid swimmer and golfer, she loves the outdoors and spending time with her family. Recently joining the Promapp team, Kirsteen is making herself known to all of her Promapp customers.

What makes Kirsteen a Promapp PROfessional?

With over eight years’ experience using Promapp in her previous role, Kirsteen was involved in the full implementation and overall management of the Promapp application internally. This gives her a unique perspective in relating to her customers process pains. She applies the same techniques she learned when using Promapp and her own experience through trial and error.

What gets her up in the morning?

Usually her kids.

About Maggie Mayer:

Maggie Mayer Account Manager at PromappMaggie comes from the warm waters of KwaZulu Natal, or Durban for those that don’t speak Zulu. With another South African import to land on our shores, Promapp is now well on its way to becoming a multi-cultural company, sourcing good staff from wide and far. Her hobbies include painting, cooking, baking and all things crafty. She has recently discovered the great bush walks New Zealand offers and will surely be converting to becoming an All Blacks supporter soon!

What makes Maggie a Promapp PROfessional?

Maggie has been involved in GIS (Geographic Information Systems) projects for the last 18 years and has worked with global environmental companies. As many in the GIS space would know having the ability to analyse data and processes visually is important. Applying the same logic means Maggie can help clients turn their word documents into useful, visual processes to help make better decisions.

What gets her up in the morning?

She’s a full bodied coffee addict!

About Danielle Costello:

Danielle Costello Account Manager at PromappThe only account manager born and bred in New Zealand, Danielle has a passion for all things netball and it’s become somewhat of an addiction! Despite that competitive nature, she still manages to balance time with her two kids, sport every weekend and the fast-paced Promapp environment.

What makes Danielle a Promapp PROfessional?

She’s all about the end results and promoting transparency and accountability within her clients business. For her, the key to efficiency is driving business improvement that’s where her experience has really helped clients'. 

What gets her up in the morning?

Two hungry kids to feed and working with a great team of people.

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