Lack of sales processes impacts sales performance.

In Promapp's 12 year history, we're yet to come across a client with a sales team excited about spending time to improve their sales processes.

This could be due to personality types, or maybe it's the single-minded focus on achieving quota. Whatever the reason, these statistics from a recent MarketingProfs blog could well change some old-fashioned attitudes to the importance of sales processes, in particular:

1. Almost half of all sales teams don't have well defined processes in place.

2. Companies with well-defined processes are 33% more likely to be high performers.

3. Two thirds of companies that have defined their sales processes have a win rate exceeding 50%.

Try using numbers like these to capture the attention of your sales teams for process initiatives. As you can see, the right process disciplines can make a real difference to their success, not to mention your bottom line.

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