Promapp 4.0 v iPhone 5.0: the key differences

OK OK we're going to come straight out and clear the air.

Despite what you have heard in media reports, we have not added 'mobile' or 'phone' capability to our new generation Promapp 4.0. Apart from that though, the two are hard to tell apart, and we're arguably cooler than the iPhone 5.

We toyed with the 'phone' functionality concept for a while, but we've decided not to follow the other sell-outs and add this. Shame on you Samsung (DVD/phone makers), Google (internet search/phone makers), and Nokia (brick/phone makers). You're such followers.

So, we have taken the high road and focussed on making Promapp 4.0 even easier to use. Business processes will no longer be ignored because people will find them easy to understand and follow. Your processes will be on-line and you won't need a pointy head expert to help you suggest improvements, edit, and publish process changes. Faster than you can say 'SIRI help me I've got no idea what a customer complaint delayed requisition application form is, let alone know what the hell to do with it' - you've got the form and sent it, quickly and easily.

Who needs SIRI (or maps or a phone) when Promapp 4.0 is that simple to use?

Release End.


Ivan 'was wearing a turtle neck and not showering regularly BEFORE Steve Jobs' Seselj

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