Promapp CEO takes aim at flowcharts and Word

Promapp CEO Ivan Seselj knows what works and what doesn't when it comes to business process management, having creating cloud-based process software Promapp back in 2002.

There are over 300 clients utilising Promapp, such as McDonald's, Coca Cola Amatil, Hyundai, Air New Zealand, Fisher & Paykel and Vodafone — these clients are reaping the benefits of process in their continuous business improvement efforts. While it is an impressive portfolio, Seselj acknowledges it is still a tiny fraction of organisations who are embracing process software to improve their business.

Seselj states most organisations are still using flowcharts in Word documents and these documents often go out-of-date quickly where they become less useful and helpful for staff.

“They are squandering an opportunity for competitive advantage,” he said.

Sesejl proclaims that the major benefits of Promapp are consistency and efficiency where even complex information can be broken down into a clear stepped process that anyone can follow and provide feedback on, along with being able to be integrated with other systems.

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