Promapp makes joy ratings soar at Santa's Workshop

Hundreds of staff, thousands of products, millions of work orders, billions of clients - Santa’s Workshop isn’t the whimsical fairyland you’ve always imagined. It’s a serious business. 

Little clients, big problems

One of the workshop’s biggest challenges is its’ clientele which includes people from all over the world, mostly aged under 10. They have very specific and non-negotiable needs. Making sure gift requests are logged and that naughty/nice lists and delivery instructions are kept up to date is a huge job.

“With Promapp, a lot of our old headaches have disappeared. The right customers are getting the right products at the right time - that’s so valuable when it comes to repeat business. You can only mix up delivery once or twice before clients stop believing in you and look elsewhere.”  — Santa Claus, Chief Process Officer, Santa’s workshop.

Elf management

Like any business, Santa’s workshop relies on good people. Their staff is made up of elves, some permanent, some brought in for the busy season. Elves are hard workers, and are happy to do overtime when they need to, but they aren’t necessarily process driven or tech-savvy.

Before Promapp, the elves relied on a complicated scroll-and-quill system, which was prone to error. Although Santa’s Workshop had tried to become more process centric a few years back, the elves found the procedures manuals very confusing. They never really looked at them. There was a lot of repeated work and wasted time in the work shop, and the delivery error rate was too high – naughty clients received undeserved presents, and some nice clients missed out altogether.

With Promapp, there has been a marked increase in productivity per elf, and the elves are really glad to be able to spend more of their time on value-adding work – making presents, helping with deliveries, researching new toys. Even the oldest elves have found the software easy to use, and the scrolls have now been eliminated.

Promapp is also helping with the training of new and seasonal workers. Because all work processes are now mapped and regularly updated, new elves are simply pointed towards Promapp where they can get a thorough overview of their job responsibilities.

“We’ve saved so much time and the elves are much happier now. They’re starting to come up with great ideas for new toys because they have so much more time on their hands.” — Head Elf, Santa’s Workshop.

Joy ratings soaring inside and out

The new system has led to a huge decrease in error rates, which has really improved customer service. Last year the workshop recorded a joy rating of 99.25% - a number not seen since the pre-Elizabethan times, when Christmas globalisation was still in its infancy.

And the positive changes have been felt inside the workshop too.  Santa says that the elves have been able to recapture their heralded festiveness. Although the workshop still holds a reputation for being a friendly workplace, until recently, the truth was far from it. Beleagured with interdepartmental bickering, stress levels were at an all-time high, which was sapping Christmas Spirit stocks and leading to knock-on negative effects. Now with Promapp, says Santa, that’s been turned around.

“It’s like a new place. The elves have started singing again and Health & Safety claims have dropped dramatically. I’ve worked in this business for two millenia, and I can tell you right now, happiness isn’t just a nice-to-have in a workplace, it’s an absolute necessity.” — Santa Claus, Santa’s Workshop.

Sleighing it

Streamlined processes, better communication, fewer crying clients on Christmas morning... it’s safe to say Promapp has made a real difference to Santa’s Workshop. As the world population continues to grow, and gift lists become increasingly complex, the Promapp process infrastructure should help Santa and the elves keep up – and continuously improve.

It’s about bringing joy to the world, one present at a time.

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Merry Christmas from the Promapp team!

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