Success in IT & business process improvement: learn how to say NO

We hear of so many projects that start with best intentions – to fix some obvious problems. Many months and often millions of dollars later, they’ve morphed into something entirely different, promising to implement 1001 features to miraculously cure 1001 ills.

We stumbled across this great article with themes that might resonate for many readers: Is desire for ‘all-in-one’ functionality the reason for IT failures?

Here at Promapp we strongly agree with Ray’s observations: “… a desire to implement every possible feature… scope creep that adds unnecessary complexity and creates systems that are unwieldy to implement and unnecessarily difficult to operate.”

Beware the swiss army knife approach to implementing features and processes. They might not only be ignored, but may jeopardise the core purpose for the project in the first place, to fix those obvious problems.  

Here’s a tip from the visionary Steve Jobs. We apply this thinking in our own R&D processes, when selecting which features and functionality to build into Promapp.

 ”I’m actually as proud of the things we HAVEN’T done as the things we have done. Innovation is saying “NO” to 1,000 things.”

 Complexity is not clever, simplicity is.

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