Survey Results: Barriers to Process Improvement

There were surprising results from a Process Excellence Group LinkedIn survey (March 2012).

The members of the group were asked to vote on which of the following barriers they considered to be the biggest blocker to the success of their efforts given ‘…claims that nearly 60% of all corporate Six Sigma initiatives fail to yield the desired results’.
- Fostering collaboration between stakeholders
- Prioritising which processes to improve
- Ill-suited process management tools
- Governing change for compliance
- Employee engagement

Survey findings confirm the importance of the PEOPLE factor. 45% considered the biggest barrier to be employee engagement, and a further 33% considered it be collaboration from stakeholders. A whopping 73% in total.

This serves as a good reminder for organisations driving process improvement. It feels like the various software and methodologies that are supposed to help our improvement efforts, sometimes end up dominating our thinking.

Process improvement takes a team effort. Organisations that promote the attitude that everyone should contribute to change, will always improve faster than those that ‘leave it to the experts’. It takes time and effort from teams motivated to change to make your customers happier.

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  1. Frith Brown:
    May 09, 2012 at 12:00 PM

    Thanks to the Promapp team for a great conference in Auckland yesterday... it was really interesting to see the show of hands on this same question and the overwhelming vote that it is "Employee Engagement" that matters most. He tangata, he tangata, he tangata! Thanks too for the opportunity to talk about our experience using Promapp to enable process-based quality management at Nelson City Council. The use of Promapp as an enabler in our quality management programme has allowed us to make "the way we do things" and development and reporting on goals part of our lives and service to our customers. And, we're really looking forwards to Promapp 4.0! LIKE :-) Frith Brown (Business Analyst, Nelson City Council)

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