Survey Results: The Problem With Using Documents To Manage Process Knowledge

I came across a survey and discussion thread in the LinkedIn Business Improvement Group  recently.

The honesty and reality of these responses makes for painful reading for organisations that are still using documents to record and manage their process knowledge.

“Real problem. A fragmented mass of diagrams and text documents.”

“It is simply not possible to keep Word/pdf/Visio files up do date and consistent amongst each other.”

“Impact on people - complexity, confusion, slow progress, increased pressure, frustration, different approaches followed, no one way of working, emotional resignation, high stress.”

“1000's of documents... Establishing control, training and standard ways is a difficult challenge. Creeping workarounds, lack of clarity and no single way.”

“Massive compliance vs agility issue.”

“You can safely assume most companies have 'digital libraries' that are 'Little Shops of Horrors'. They all fall out of sync and grow stale.  They become a 'defect in the process'.

"Finance/SOX need - no linkages between documents etc."

These results reflect the reality - this approach from the 80’s doesn’t work, and in my opinion it’s no longer acceptable, in 2016, to pretend it ever did.

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