The #1 mistake in process modelling

I just read a great article from Alexandre Mello, on the top 10 mistakes in process modelling.

As soon as I read the first point, I knew it was worth sharing. The failure to recognise process modelling as a communication tools is, in my experience, not just in the top 10, but the #1 underlying cause of why so many process improvement efforts, initiatives, projects, cultures have stuttered to an ignored and irrelevant death, and failed to deliver on their original objectives.

As Alexandre sums up ‘knowledge is only valuable to the organisation if there is effective transfer of this knowledge from the source to the user’.

The critical element upon which this communication depends, our common language expressed through process models, is still dominated by the notation techniques or procedures manuals developed by the technical specialists that are not the end audience, but rather deliver to the end audience.

We need to shift our thinking to tap into the mind-set of the team of performers that interact with each other and our customers every day. We need to understand their needs so that we can transfer critical knowledge to them effectively, quickly, simply – and have it available at their fingertips every day.

The only truly sustainable advantage is the ability for teams to learn faster than the competition.


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