Engagement with BPM #2 - Keep in touch.

We hope our previous blog made you think about the levels of engagement you are achieving with business teams. In this blog we raise two further questions to help ensure you are doing everything possible to keep your staff interested and engaged in your process improvement initiative.

2. Are you resourced adequately?

You wouldn't run a project without a team (we hope!) so how can you run process improvement without people? What do we mean by adequately resourced?

As a minimum you need a Company Process Champion who will spend a minimum of 25% (in some cases up to 100%) of their time, depending on your organisation size and the stage you are at with your process improvement initiative.  They should:

- Drive the initiative on behalf of your Chief Process Officer and keep you honest by making sure what you say you will do you do do!

- Provide support to your user base by answering their process questions

- Coordinate your champions and ensure you meet regularly to discuss progress and share experiences

- Escalate issues / problems to your Chief Process Officer as required

Remember process improvement is not a 1-man show - everyone needs to play their part: the Primary Process Champion is a coordinator and advisor NOT a doer.  They should be actively supported by your:

- Process Champions who will need time to ensure that all the processes within their process groups are complete, accurate, current and constantly improving,

- And Process Owners and Experts who will need time to be able to document, review and improve their processes

So, recognise the need to be resourced and give your staff time to be able to improve processes!

3. Are you meeting regularly to discuss progress, successes and priorities?

You would never run a project (again we hope!) without holding regular status meetings to discuss progress, issues and risks - it's no different for process improvement.

Make sure you meet regularly with no excuses!  Keep your meetings brief - 30 minutes if possible. Make sure you invite all Champions and that your Chief Process Officer attends and Chairs.  Set the expectation that non-attendance is NOT acceptable! The forum should:

- Track and drive progress

- Set priorities. Be ruthless on scope and focus on processes that are really going to add value to your organisation

- Discuss problems/issues that are preventing success/progress being made

- Share experiences and successes

- Determine communications to be issued

So if you aren't meeting regularly start those meetings now!

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  1. Sharfuddin Numan:
    Jul 02, 2013 at 05:08 PM

    Good article with deep insights. Organizations really fail in their efforts due to this lack of engagement. They start with lot of big wishes but don't provide adequate resources to support the endeavor. Often the engagement of chief executives remain an issue. Expect to have the rest of the series soon...

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