Engagement with BPM #4 - It's all on you. No little elf will help.

So, has our Engagement Series given you some ideas around enhancing engagement with process improvement in your organisation? Here's our 4th blog in the series (follow the links to read #1, #2 and #3), please do share your thoughts, experiences and comments, we love reading them.

Here are two further questions you can ask yourself to ensure you are doing everything possible to keep your staff interested and engaged in your process improvement initiative.

5. Are you identifying & actively looking for process improvements?

Are your users suggesting improvements?  Are you actively seeking out improvements?

Everyone in your organisation should has both the knowledge and responsibility to suggest process improvements. If they aren't making suggestions then why aren't they?  Is it because they feel their suggestions fall on 'deaf ears'? Or is it that they don't know how to make a suggestion?  Both of these problems are easily fixed - enforce an SLA around response time to suggestions and train your users on how to make suggestions. (This can be easily done via the Promapp tool. You can also monitor both who is making suggestions and who is responding to them via the Promapp Governance Dashboard and via the Monitor Improvement Activity reports.)  If you need to encourage suggestions then put it into your communication plan and perhaps consider rewarding good suggestions made - we find chocolate often works well!

Another technique is to run what we call, 'Opportunity for Improvement (OFI)' workshops periodically to actively seek out improvements.  You might focus on a particular area of your business that, perhaps has been having problems and use the workshop to identify where things could be improved.  The important things when running an OFI workshop is to make sure you have the right people in the room to identify the improvements needed and that you have an action plan after the session to lock in some of the improvements identified.

6. Do you regularly dedicate time to the initiative?

Processes don't just get written, reviewed or improved by magic!  You have to spend time doing this!  Our best customers seem to be the ones who have the discipline to spend a regular time each week, fortnight or month writing, reviewing and improving their processes.  The key is to develop the habit!  Only too quickly weeks then months can pass by with little progress made.

And when you do spend that regular time working on your processes make sure you are working on the ones that are a priority for you.

So put it in your diary, know your priorities and make it happen!

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