Engagement with BPM #5 - How to make sure your staff follow best practices

Here’s the final post in our Engagement Series.  We hope you’ve found it interesting and helpful.  (To view the other blogs in the series follow these links: #1, #2, #3, #4)These final two tips came to us from delegates at the 2013 Promapp User Conferences - let us know your thoughts!

7. Is Process improvement included in your staff KPIs?

All staff have a responsibility to make process improvement a success for your organisation whether it’s your CEO leading the charge, your customer support representative maintaining a number of your customer support processes or your users viewing and using your processes.

Make your staff accountable for their responsibilities by including it in their appraisals/KPIs. Monitor them against those KPIs and DON’T accept poor performance!

8. Is process improvement included in your Induction programme?

What’s the phrase ‘it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks’?  Well the opposite applies to new ‘dogs’ … it’s much easier to show a new employee the way to do things rather than persuade an existing employee who’s been with you for ever and doesn’t want to or see the need for change.

So when a new employee joins your organisation:

-  Sell them the value of process improvement (and using Promapp)

- Explain their responsibilities – their minimum responsibility is to operate as per your documented processes and to suggest improvements

- Teach them how to use Promapp

- Get them to review the process content under ‘Processes I’m In’ and ‘Processes I own’ (this tells them how your organisation expects them to operate)

So if process improvement is not part of your Induction Programme then make it part of it today!

Easy isn’t it?  Maybe not… Our recommendation - honestly ask yourself each of the questions we’ve posed in this series and determine what you are doing well and what you are not, then focus your efforts in the areas you aren’t doing well and watch the improvement!

If you would like further advice on any of these techniques or just want to discuss any of them further then please contact us at smarterprocesses@promapp.com

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