What’s new in Promapp – v4.3.6

Yesterday we rolled out a couple of updates to Promapp including enhancements to risk reviews, better access to process reports, and the ability to open links in new tabs.

Highlights include:

  • Just like processes, you can now trigger regular risk reviews, and configure review frequencies based on risk scores.  This is a great way to ensure risks have been assessed and have the correct controls in place.
  • Risks can now have the residual ratings set to ‘unassessed’.  This allows risk managers to keep track of any risks that your company has that do not currently have treatments or controls in place.  Unassessed risks will remain on the risk owner’s risk dashboard until they have been assessed.
  • Open links in a new tab. Use CTRL-click to open a process or go to your favourites without losing your place!
  • Now everyone, no matter their role, can access reports for published, unpublished and out of date process from the governance dashboard.

Take a video tour of the highlights below or refer to our Release Notes for more information.

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