Proven implementation methodology

Driving a shift to a positive process improvement culture involves people and attitudes, not just technology. We've honed our implementation approach over 10 years to ensure our clients are aware of the fundamentals for success.

Promapp Implementation Methodology

We consider the beginning of your process improvement journey with Promapp to be critically important. We work with your teams to ensure not only a good technical understanding of Promapp, but to put in place the required mechanisms to shift to a positive process improvement culture.

Implementing Promapp process mapping software is simple.

This takes a lot more than just BPM software:

It takes great planning, scoping and building engagement. It requires putting in place active leadership and governance to set priorities, track progress and assist Process Owners with getting the most out of their process improvement effort.
Our implementation methodology comprises four phases – Plan, Build, Deploy and Sustain. It’s been configured to reduce risk and maximise rollout success. Our expert process consultants will provide your in-house experts with invaluable learning and insights garnished through running many process improvement initiatives.