Intranets, SharePoint and business processes

Having access to your processes via the intranet or SharePoint is key for organisational engagement with Business Process Management (BPM). Many organisations are now considering tools like Promapp to help them get the most out of their intranet or SharePoint for process management.

Sharepoint Integration example Sharepoint Process Management example

Intranets and SharePoint knowledge management

SharePoint is a very flexible tool (as are many organisations intranets) and it has been rightly touted as a solution for many knowledge sharing challenges. However, used alone for BPM, the results are similar to historic document based approaches:

  1. Flowcharts and procedures manuals are often ignored by business teams, for valid reasons. They’re static documents, which are not suitable if you are striving for continual process improvement.
  2. The hyperlink navigation to associated documents lacks two-way traceability.
  3. The drawing tools that support process flowchart documents are okay for 'experts', but they fail for business teams.
  4. A single, central process repository is often a ‘must-have’ requirement. However, successful BPM requires dynamic process information across multiple platforms (intranet, tablet, CRM, ERP, smart-phone, process tool-set, training room touch-screen, etc.)

We recommend intranets and SharePoint as complementary deployment channel for processes. The majority of our clients merge Promapp content into their intranet/SharePoint pages. Promapp blends easily with both of these because the dynamic content from Promapp slots into standard web parts.

Simple intranet and SharePoint intergration

You can choose what you want to embed from Promapp:

  • Dynamic process maps
  • Dynamic process lists
  • Personal Dashboard
  • Federated search web part

Promapp widget for integrating with Sharepoint or your Intranet

No web part customisation is required – deploying Promapp links into your intranet or SharePoint takes minutes. On-going content management is then managed and fed directly from Promapp in real time.

Since the bulk of our customers blend their Promapp content into their intranet/SharePoint, we’ve built some new Promapp integration specifically for SharePoint:

  • Dynamic process links to embed into web parts
  • Dynamic process lists fed from Promapp
  • Federated search capabilities with blended Promapp search results
  • Personal dashboard / login web part

To find out more about intranet or SharePoint integration with Promapp take a look at the intranets presentation or contact us.