Our Customer Bill of Rights

Promapp’s mission is to be a best in class global provider of process management software. Our philosophy is that expressing and managing process knowledge can be kept simple, and that this information is crucial in sustaining an on-going culture of process improvement.

Central to our mission is that Promapp provides undeniable value for all of our customers. This includes recognising that our customers have the following rights: 

Right #1: High quality implementation: that starts the culture shift

We consider the beginning of your process improvement journey with Promapp to be critically important, which is why our implementation approach goes beyond toolset training. We also work with your Process Champions and teams to put the required mechanisms in place to enable the shift towards a positive process improvement culture. This takes more than just great BPM software; it takes good planning, scoping and buy-in across the organisation. It requires putting in place active leadership and a sound governance structure to set priorities, track progress and assist Process Owners with getting the most out of their process improvement efforts. 

Right #2: Secure and confidential data

We treat this seriously and have numerous security practices and protocols in place to protect your data. We engage third party providers to regularly perform penetration testing, have comprehensive server monitoring in place and we have achieved both C-Star Cloud compliance and NZ CloudCode compliance.

Right #3: Consistent 99.9% availability

Planned outages are scheduled outside office hours and we work to maintain server uptime of 99.9% or better. We have comprehensive DR practices in place including daily back-ups of all customer data into two geographically distanced data-centres in each region we operate in. We continually invest in architectural and infrastructural changes to improve performance.

Right #4: A human, helpful help desk

When you contact our 24/7 help desk support team you can expect a rapid and considered response, and we’ll aim to reply within the hour. Email us at support@promapp.com or call on one of the numbers below.

NZ: +64 9 281 3436

Australia: +61 2 8188 2718

USA: +1 (415) 549 9430

Europe: +44 (2) 0351 90182

Right #5: We’ll keep innovating

We are committed to continued investment in innovation so you can expect regular introduction of new features and capabilities. Upgrades will be hassle-free and we will clearly communicate changes a week in advance. We update Promapp’s help documentation with every new release and work to ensure it is easy to understand and easy to navigate. 

Right #6: We’ll listen to your suggestions to make Promapp better

We commit to logging all ideas and feedback we receive and using these suggestions collectively to influence our future roadmap. Let’s be clear here – we will not develop every improvement idea we get. We want Promapp to be awesome and sometimes this means not building a feature at all. Sometimes it’s deciding what to do first. We meet as a team regularly to discuss the overall direction of Promapp and which features will help us meet client requirements - now and in the future. 

Right #7: A dedicated Account Manager for all clients

Every Promapp customer has a dedicated process specialist assigned to stay in touch to ensure your organisation is getting value from Promapp. They’ll keep you informed of upcoming events and because all our Account Managers have first hand experience in deploying Promapp in other organisations, they will understand the challenges you face and help you to overcome them.

Right #8: A thriving Promapp customer community

Annual User Summits and the Promapp LinkedIn community provide forums to share successes, learnings and to meet those championing Promapp in other organisations. 

Right #9: We’ll help sustain your improvement culture, even as your team changes 

As your team evolves we will continue to provide you with access to events centered on helping you sustain your improvement culture. We run regular boot camps, free webinars and support regional user groups. We will also provide on-demand consultancy, refresher training and the right to be assessed for Promapp Trainer and Promapp Champion certifications. 

Right #10: Transparency and communication

Every year at our User Summits we share how Promapp is performing and where we are heading as a company. We share the results of the annual customer survey and our software roadmap. And we listen to any feedback you give us.

And of course, we think you should always be able to call us directly if you need to. You can reach Ivan our CEO on +64 9 630 3400 or Richard our COO on +64 9 630 0258. Want to chat? Give us a shout.

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