Supporting the Change Management Process

Change management is a very human challenge. It forms the journey our teams take when shifting to new ways of doing things; it’s how we prepare, communicate, and take risks together to achieve improved outcomes.

It’s no coincidence that the most agile organisations in the world seem to have cultivated a responsive culture to change. This culture includes having the right involvement from the right teams in all phases of change, providing a solid platform for ongoing transformation and improvement. 


Because teams involved in driving change have bought into the benefits that change can bring. In contrast, being forced by others to change is a much more threatening and uncertain experience that can contribute to resistant attitudes to change. 

So what is an effective change management process? 

An effective change management process is one that centers around people and their communication needs at all phases. The way our processes are managed plays a central role in this, as the language by which we communicate potentially changes how we work. 

Let’s think about change management as a work flow. In the beginning, the opportunities for change are just ideas. At this early stage in the process, teams depend on simple, accurate descriptions of how tasks are currently executed to enable collaboration on potential improvements and to give an understanding of the base from which they are starting. A common understanding means that more people can collaborate, can contribute to innovation.

Teams that are involved from the outset often feel like they have a real voice in change and are more motivated to contribute, and less resistant to the subsequent change.

Communicating Change

It’s important to note that the communication requirements of change are not limited to the period in which the change is being managed – but also beyond. Change management is the ongoing process of constant measurement, analysis, collaboration, feedback gathering, and deployment. 

Change is ongoing. It doesn’t end with any single implementation of a new way, rather this represents tomorrows starting point for change.

Change Management and Promapp

Promapp is business process management software that facilitates change management. Promapp enables business teams to create and store business processes online providing a centralised hub for processes for everyday reference. Designed with the everyday user in mind, Promapp is easy to use and being a fully web-based tool, enables process changes to be performed and approved online.

Promapp Change Management Chart

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