Time to scrap those spreadsheets

Every incident, improvement and non-conformance owned, tracked and reported in real-time.

Simple Business Process and Improvement Software

Promapp's Improvement Module provides a central collaboration point to make process improvement a simple, every day activity.

Every single incident or idea reported is tracked through the online register, using the same workflow and closed only when the last action is completed.

When Promapp introduced the Improvement Module it was a 'no brainer' that we'd be in early to try it out. I'd recommend it to anyone that wants to drive improvement in their business. Colorpak

Do you need the Improvement Module?

The Improvement Module will be of benefit to you if your organisation uses spreadsheets or standalone applications to manage:

  • Customer complaints
  • Improvement suggestions and projects
  • Health and safety incidents
  • Product defects and quality issues
  • Non-conformance incidents
  • Logging and tracking internal audit findings
Business process improvement software for continuous improvement.

Who reports your incidents? Who spots your opportunities?

It should be - everyone.

It can now be as simple as clicking on a button embedded in your intranet or within the menu of tools used every day - like the CRM for your call centre or ERP menu for your billing team - making incident reporting simpler and more accessible than ever before.

Since taking on the Improvement Module we have found that staff uptake has been very good. The feedback I have received is that it is very easy to use and quite intuitive. IANZ

What makes the Improvement Module different?

Stand-alone incident and improvement management systems can only get you part of the way there. They can be timely to manage, be dependent on one or two experts and really limit wider team input. Importantly for team feedback, they can sometimes feel like a black-box that ideas and improvements just disappear into.

The advantage of the Improvement Module is in the integrated approach. It’s simpler to manage and the full lifecycle workflow means you have the assurance that improvement opportunities are tracked through every phase, translating into real actions and real benefits.

Continuous Improvement Tools for Process Improvement

The advantages of integration:

  • Ideas and incidents can be reported from any page or system
  • All ideas and incidents are centrally controlled and reported from beginning to end
  • Investigations and actions are assigned to existing roles in your process database
  • Receive incident notifications via the same personal dashboard used for processes and risk management
  • Single audit history from idea to actions to process change history
  • Monitoring and sign-off of preventative reviews, linked into Risk and Compliance Module audit reports