Simple Procedure Software in the cloud

Having the right procedures in place to sustain growth means you’re taking control of your business, its operations and ensuring the right foundations are in place for the future. Companies that establish a good framework sooner rather than later see real impacts on their bottom line. Those that lay these frameworks can expect to see payback in product/service quality, compliance responsiveness, their environmental footprint and their ability to respond to changing customer demands. 

Conversely, causes of poor procedures really emanates from poor or undocumented processes and poor communication. To counteract this, companies are turning towards procedure software such as Promapp for their business procedures.


Because Promapp enables control of the business framework. It’s a simple way to ensure procedure ownership, collaboration and change management. 

What is Promapp?

Promapp is cloud based procedure management software for creating and storing business procedures online. It's easy to use, and being a fully web based tool, procedure changes are performed and approved online, in the cloud.

With Promapp, your business teams can turn complex procedure maps, Visio charts and lengthy procedure documents into clean, simple maps that everyone can follow.

Everyone can use Promapp

It's simple and has been designed with the everyday user in mind. Promapp empowers your teams to own their procedures, and procedure owners can finally take accountability and drive improvements.

Simple process mapping

Making procedure personal

Promapp provides personalised navigation – you can see ‘Processes I’m in’ and ‘Processes I own’ along with favourites to help you personalise your use of Promapp.

Making process management simple with Promapp.

Simple procedure mapping

Intuitive and easy to use, Promapp makes your procedure mapping a breeze.

Promapp encourages team collaboration with process maps

Team collaboration

Promapp makes it easy to share ideas and improvements. Taking inspiration from social media, dashboards and conversations within Promapp keep teams engaged.

Keep teams engaged with an intuitive process map dashboard.


Promapp is clean and simple, but it doesn’t just look good! Search and general navigation are fast so it’s nice and quick to move between your procedures.

Features at a glance:

  • Write process in text to generate procedure maps
  • Easy to use - drill down to guides, forms, policies or use quick search
  • Dynamic procedure maps, not static documents
  • Cloud-based software, can be implemented in hours, not months
  • Seamless integration with your EDRMS, SharePoint or any intranet
  • Collaboration tools, including suggestions and personal dashboards
  • SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) Module designed to make easy for teams to learn and execute processes and SOP’s safely and correctly.