Integrated process management
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Use Promapp to connect the dots between process, risk, compliance and quality management. Gain centralised control of documentation and a single point of update.

Promapp Process Management Modules

Promapp's integrated approach to process management means the end of the documentation battle - managing multiple information sources independently. By adding on these modules you will have a central, single point of update for managing processes, compliance requirements, risks, and quality issues.

Process Variant Management Module

Process Variant Management Software

Establish standard processes with controlled variations. The easiest way to own or eliminate process variations for different regions, products or customers.

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Improvement Module

Process Improvement and Incident Management Software

Manage incidents, customer complaints, non-conformance and improvement projects. Simple, in the cloud, and linked to related processes and risks.

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Risk & Compliance Module

Risk Management & Compliance Module

In this module, risks are recorded in the risk register, and linked to the actual controls within processes. When controls in processes are changed, a risk assessment notification is sent to the Risk Manager, and the Risk Register is dynamically updated.

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Process Approval Workflow

Workflow Management Software for Process Approvals

Process owners and experts can edit their processes, and submit for approval – all online. Changes are highlighted in the proposed process, and contributions from authors are individually tracked.

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SOP Module

Touchscreen SOP Process Mapping Module

Image and video rich Standard Operating Procedure format designed for teams to guide themselves through tactile processes - dynamically generated off the existing single edit interface.

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