Improvement Module Enhancements

Thanks to your feedback, we're making the Improvement Module even more flexible and intuitive to use.

These features will go live with Promapp Release 4.2.4 on March 3, 2014.

So what’s new?

Form customisation

  • There are three new types of Extra Form Fields available:
    • Drop down selection – create a drop down list of options that users can select from.
    • Date picker – the same calendar used across Promapp for unambiguous date selection.
    • Checkbox – for capturing simple “Yes or No” information.

The Register

  • Promasters and Portfolio Managers can edit Action Plans without having to go through the approval workflow.
  • Incidents can now be archived.
  • Users can click on an Owner’s name from the Incident Register to send him or her an email

Incident Workflow

  • The Recommended Actions tab is now inactive until the Owner has clicked on ‘Submit Investigation’ from the Investigation tab.
  • Organisations with multiple sites now have flexibility to have different approvers based on Location within a particular portfolio
  • [Post] comment button is now white so it doesn’t steal the spotlight (still turns blue on hovering over)


  • Exported reports of the Incident Register now include extra Form Field information.
  • Exported reports of individual Incidents can now be generated – these contain everything recorded for that incident.
  • Users can now filter the Incident Register by Categories and Locations. (Previously there were only filters for Portfolios, Priorities and Status.
  • When exporting the Incident Register filtered on a Portfolio, disabled fields for that portfolio will not be exported.
  • When exported to Excel, the Incident number and title are now on separate columns.
  • The Portfolio Manager of each Incident is included in the exported Incident Register report


  • The word ‘Incident’ can be configured per portfolio
  • ‘Quality Managers’ are now renamed to ‘Portfolio Managers’.
  • There is now a configuration item for triggering an email when an Incident Action Plan is ready for approval, and also when all Actions have been completed
  • There is now a configuration item for triggering an email to all stakeholders at each Incident state change, i.e. whenever an incident proceeds to the next stage.
  • Incident emails no longer reference Promapp if sent to someone who is not a user of Promapp.
  • Admin screen for Improvement Module has changed so each portfolio has its own page.