Manage risks not spreadsheets

Risk registers automatically updated from business process changes, with each change notified in real-time.

Simple Integrated Risk and Compliance Software

Successful risk management depends on on-going risk awareness across the whole organisation. Promapp's Risk and Compliance Module integrates risk and compliance requirements directly into processes. It's a simple tool that business teams can refer to and process owners can manage everyday with a live feed, updating your risk and compliance records automatically.

Simple integrated risk management and compliance software - heat map.

With this module risk and compliance awareness becomes an everyday activity, included in the same dashboard where process owners manage their processes and where process participant's sign-off treatments. The Risk and Compliance Module supports ISO compliance including ISO:9001:2015 and ISO:31000:2009, can help reduce your risk exposure, allow you to manage multiple risk portfolios and will reduce the time you spend administering your risk and compliance programme.

Promapp interlinks risk treatment activities into actual processes, which enables:

  • Dynamic updates of risk treatments from process changes – no more duplication of effort
  • Real-time notification to risk managers of changes to any risk treatment
  • A single, simple process and risk notification dashboard for the whole organisation
  • Automatic workflow for treatment sign-offs, including escalations
  • Audit and executive reporting - current and up to date every day of the year
  • Dynamic role updates fed from your BPM (new CFO? As soon as the role is updated in processes, the new CFO inherits all risk and compliance notifications)
Promapp's unique integration of risk and processes finally delivers a simple solution to truly bring risk management into every day operational conversation. There are no separate risk treatments, documentation, tracking, auditing or management. Risks are linked directly to actual activities in processes. Ivan Seselj, CEO Promapp