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For many councils, traditional approaches to process improvement efforts have failed to translate into expected benefits. Why? Successful process improvement is about changing everyday behaviours. Promapp’s unique approach is making process improvement management simple for teams: it helps the teams that actually participate in processes – not just the specialists that analyse them.

Over 125 councils across Australia and New Zealand have implemented a standardised approach to business process management and are reaping many rewards including; empowering staff through process improvement and driving a positive improvement culture, quantified ROI and increased efficiencies and in many cases, successfully implementing a change management strategy when undertaking the merging of two councils. 

“The bottom line is that with Promapp we have realised clear savings to the Council. Time efficiencies have resulted in savings of $6,500 per year for the creation of new processes while $28,600 is being saved each year in reviewing and modifying processes.”

Craig Robinson, Business Excellence Officer, Port Stephens Council

Lean Government 

Faster, leaner and smarter doesn’t happen overnight. It’s the result of ongoing investment in process improvement. Benefits won from programs like Six Sigma or LEAN don’t just happen - they need to be managed and sustained which can be done with the support of an effective process management solution, with Promapp.

Lean Councils can quickly comply with any new council legislation.  


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Government Software Implementations 

Change management is a critical part of any new technology and one that many councils struggle with. It’s essential for all impacted teams to understand what will change, and how and when, in order for councils to maximise the return on their investment. Having a handle on internal Process management builds the groundwork for a successful change management structure to support any new technology implementation or government management system.

Service Reviews

It's critical councils are operating in the most efficient and effective meet their customer’s needs. A standardised approach to process improvement across a council helps to identify, retain and leverage future best practices and well as drive process ownership and continually up-skill staff.

A successful process management embedded within a council supports key strategies for customer services and continuous business improvement. 

“We had a lot of operating procedures and detailed processes that were in different systems all over the place. We were looking to have one place to put all of our processes, one place for everybody to access those processes.”

— Paula Burke, Principal, Records Systems and Office Support, Southland Regional Council

Merging Councils 

The lure of increased efficiencies and cost-savings that can result from two councils merging is an appealing one, but there are also risks and challenges involved when different councils come together. Stories of success reoccur when Australian councils have turned mergers into opportunities, taking on the challenge of change management driven by a successful business process management implementation.

“It’s not just senior management making these decisions. With Promapp, everyone has a chance to contribute – to feel like they’re helping to build the new organisation.”

Virginia Cross, Continuous Improvement Officer, Gosford City Council

Rate Caps 

How could councils who have rate caps make changes to these? By proving efficiency through ROI to justify Rate Cap exclusions. 

Audits, compliance, certification – it takes time and money to create and update process and procedure content. Do it faster with process maps that are generated from text, can be dynamically updated providing ‘publish anywhere’ content and printed versions that are pre-formatted. Eliminate the costly, time consuming cycle of large-scale ‘catch up’ initiatives needed every few years. 

Free Promapp Local Government Shared Process Library 

Standard processes provided by councils for councils. From Community Development to Cultural Services and Community Grants; councils across Australia and New Zealand have made their processes available to share with other councils. Whether you're developing a new process, looking to improve existing ones or simply curious to see how other councils do things, this is an excellent resource!

Join the LG Shared Process Library

“Councils have always had good principles around sharing information with each other – this is a great practical way to put those principles into action. We’re happy to be part of this and believe we will all benefit from it.”

Liz Hegarty Business Systems Analyst, Tasman District Council

Tips from the Trenches: Process improvement blog series 

Process improvement tips from councils who are already using Promapp. Get process tips from:


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