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Why Nintex Promapp is the Best Alternative to Microsoft Visio.


"Nintex Promapp will enable Toyota Australia to turn knowledge currently held in static Visio charts into clean, simple process maps that everyone can follow and access.​"

- Trent Delardes, Toyota


"Nintex Promapp will replace the company’s range of processes created and stored in Visio, Word and on the intranet which, although documented, were difficult to update and manage for the diverse business groups throughout the Toll business."

- Anthony Barrett, Toll


"Keeping processes up to date with Nintex Promapp is simple. It doesn’t take hours like it does with Visio."

- Rinnai


Why Customers Love Nintex Promapp's Easy & Simple BPM Software.


“Processes are becoming more complex. Nintex Promapp tackles the pain point of complexity. Most companies are challenged with business process mapping – standardising business processes and creating a single source of truth. This is what Nintex Promapp does really well.”

 -Liz Hegarty, Tasman District Council

"Easily the best application I have seen for managing business processes. After selecting Nintex Promapp to improve our Quality Management System, it quickly became a tool to describe agreed processes with customers, giving standard induction for new starters, and a help resource for internally developed systems. With some excellent videos and resources available to get people up and running quickly. Key features that stand out include mandatory owner and expert for every process; rich content; ability to link processes together; reports on what processes are being used; company-wide glossary for common terms and acronyms; and ability to share read only versions of processes for collaboration. Bottom line is that it's an incredibly easy tool to use, has great support and would recommend to any company looking to improve their business processes."

Declan O'Reilly, Ricoh 


Pros: Easy to use. Promotes simplicity and ownership.

Overall: I'm very happy to be a Nintex Promapp customer again in my new position. Nintex Promapp is an important component of our operations improvement plan. People love it and [it] make[s] my job easier.

Recommendations to other buyers: Implementing a process framework in early stages of adoption can accelerate the implementation and provide clarity on the scope, ownership and handoffs.

Waleria Bueno, Vodafone


Why Customers Say Nintex Promapp is the Best BPM Software for ISO Accreditation. 


"This product is great to centralise all your processes and documents. There are different access levels, based on the needs of the user. It has an excellent reporting system, that can be printed in a nicely presented document, or it can be exported to excel for manipulation of the data etc. I have been using Nintex Promapp for 2 years now, and I'm very impressed with the ease of use. Another excellent feature is that you can set review dates, to ensure that your processes are always kept up to date. Promapp allows us to be ISO9000 accredited.

Norman Ngatai, Transdev 


As a Service Delivery Manager in the transport sector, I would highly recommend this software to anyone looking to improve their process management."

Huxley Wallace, Greenline


“After implementing Nintex Promapp, improvements came quickly for the business. Top of the list was receiving the gold-star seal of approval, thanks to passing the audit and gaining triple ISO certification.”

Philippa Avis, Villa Maria


"Nintex Promapp is crucial for any business, but particularly when you are selling food or beverage and export heavily. We have over 16 audits per year, and as we progress further in our Nintex Promapp journey we find our audits increasingly stress free. Nintex Promapp is ideal for documentation tracking and we have ensured that our ISO manuals are in Nintex Promapp."


Why Analysts Love Nintex Promapp!


Neil Ward-Dutton, MWD Advisors.

“If you’re struggling with process standardisation efforts or need a way to reflect how your organization really operates across its various functions and operating environments, you should definitely explore whether Nintex Promapp’s Process Variant Management capability might meet your needs.”

“If you’re exploring how to take an existing process or quality management system or knowledge base and rapidly expand its use throughout your organization – or indeed if you’re just starting out documenting your processes and you want to involve people throughout your organization in their implementation – then you should explore what Nintex Promapp has to offer.” 

Jim Sinur, Aragon Research.

“Promapp’s secret sauce is its ability to be easy enough for beginners and business teams to be successful pretty quickly. It is far more easy to use than others we have seen to date. The collaborative nature is a key feature, along with the ability to manage change and process variants.”

Nathaniel Palmer, BPM.com.

​Promapp’s rather unique model management features and documentation support, paired with its simple and easy to use modeling, provides a compelling offer we have not seen to date [...] we believe Nintex Promapp is a unique offering with capabilities and differentiating features worthy of serious consideration for any organization seeking a true “enterprise” process management framework, designed to support all involved roles, rather than concentrating on specialized analyst teams or IT staff.

Nintex Promapp has a very powerful approach to supporting multiple variations of the same model, which allows one to establish the global baseline while also establishing its local variants. It does this by not just keeping them tethered together in the same repository, but by supporting this tethering through intuitive visualization of the models in a way that enables the analysis, management, and reengineering/redesign of these processes.


Still need more convincing.


"Nintex Promapp was very useful for me in solving the issues I had when first taking over the business because it gave us ‘one source of the truth’."

Garth Pickett, General Manager, Colorpak.

“Indirectly we’ve had about two million dollars' worth of process improvements. It’s fair to say it has exceeded our expectations.”

Martin Leach, Business Improvement Manager, Toyota Financial Services.


"Nintex Promapp’s really intuitive, it’s easy to use, it doesn’t require a lot of hand holding. It’s ticked a number of boxes for us and is a perfect solution."

Jo Oakes, HR Manager, McDonald’s Restaurants NZ.

Why Customers Love the ROI Nintex Promapp Brings to their Business.

“We didn’t previously have a holistic system for managing processes and only used Visio when we needed to map processes on a project-by-project basis. Moving forward, we determined that Visio was counter-productive to what we wanted to achieve. We reviewed several solutions, but selected Nintex Promapp based on its business-centric approach to managing processes. Its standout feature is clearly its ease of use with single sign on functionality. At the same time, being available in the cloud will also enable us to scale its use as our business undergoes transformation in the next few years. We were also impressed with Nintex Promapp’s training which was exceptional, today, it is insufficient to run improvement initiatives, to capture process knowledge at great expense, and to hope that changes will be operationalised and sustained. Nintex Promapp will provide an environment and a structure so that our staff are motivated to participate, and are personally invested in sustaining ongoing change and improvement in an industry undergoing rapid change."

Trent Delardes, Toyota.

"Only solution on the market for actual process mapping, with the ability to include all areas of the business and attach supporting documentation throughout various stages of the process."

James Favretti, Audi.

"This tool helps companies develop the sort of thing that is often actually needed when they think they need training."

Michael Wohlwend, IBM.

Features at a glance.


Create global and process specific variations.


Calculate the difference in cost and time for each variation.


Provide business teams with access to the process variation relevant to them.


Simple process variation tracking and reporting.


Easily compare variations against the standard process.


Improve transparency and control with the process variation report.

Rated #1 BPM software.

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Voted #1 BPM Software

Mid-market 2017

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Controlling process variations, globally.

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