10 Steps to ensure staff are engaged and are using Nintex Promapp.

Discover the 10 steps to accelerate your business through better staff engagement with Nintex Promapp here.

Woohoo! So you have just got Nintex Promapp in your business — great! But that is just the start. It is not enough to have powerful BPM software, you need staff to prioritize, engage and actually use it. How do you do this?


Having a premium BPM software like Nintex Promapp will do wonders for your business if it's applied correctly and actively used by staff. The trouble is, sometimes it can be challenging to get people engaged and excited about process. So what can you do about it? Here are 10 steps to ensure staff are engaging with and using Nintex Promapp.

  1. Senior leaders should provide active visible process leadership and promote your process culture. If you're going to create an unstoppable process improvement culture then you need a leader who makes it clear they believe that good process is a critical ingredient in creating and delivering value to customers. Ideally, this would be the CEO in every organization.  If not, then enlist someone else on the senior management team. The COO, a General Manager or other respected Head of Department. When we look at our customers, we a see a connection to great leaders and engaged staff.  
  2. Your process improvement efforts should be aligned to a bigger cause. For example; to improve customer experience, to standardize across locations or to drive down costs by working more effectively. Make sure it’s clear to everyone why you’re investing time and effort in process improvement and win hearts and minds by aligning to something bigger.  The more specific the better.
  3. Process Champions should meet regularly to set priorities, discuss progress, agree standards and share their successes with their staff. 
  4. Ensure you have capacity and scheduled time for process owners to review and improve their processes. 

5. Incorporate Nintex Promapp into any onboarding process. New starters should be made aware of Nintex Promapp, how to access it, which processes are relevant to them and assign process ownership where relevant. New starters can be more open to learning new and better ways to work. Emphasis your process culture and rules of process behavioir.

6. Provide helpful process guidance to your staff and make sure all processes are easy to understand. 

7. Processes should be easy to access and enable staff to easily find them. Once you have the repository in place, see if you can extend it further by embedding links into the systems and tools that people work in day to day. We have customers who embed dynamic process links into CRM and ERP menus. This makes it easy for people to go direct to a known repository for process guidance. 

8. Encourage process participation by assigning Process Ownership widely and monitor review activity. In addition to getting your leadership mechanism in place it’s about empowering your business teams to innovate and be responsible for improving their own processes.

9. Process champions and process owners should regularly run improvement sessions internally and share ideas from these sessions with the intent to operationalize any achievable ones. 

10. Incorporate Nintex Promapp into your business improvement projects and use Nintex Promapp to communicate and deploy any process changes.

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