7 process improvement blogs you can’t afford to miss.

December, the month of lists! A list of Christmas gifts to buy. A list of New Year’s resolutions. A list of what to pack for that year-end getaway. We thought we’d jump on the bandwagon and share a list of blogs that are worth a second look, according to our audience of process improvement specialists.

Why not add them to your reading list as you prepare for ongoing process improvement success in 2019?

7. How Nintex Promapp drives collaboration. The key to process improvement success is making it a team effort and involving people across your organization. But securing the participation of teams doesn’t happen on its own – here’s how to engage them in the process improvement conversation.

6. Why RPA needs BPM. Automation is becoming more and more commonplace in business, regardless of industry. A solid foundation of good business process management can poise automation initiatives for success.

5. The value of an improvement culture. Foster a culture of continuous improvement in your organization. Encourage engagement at all levels by providing people with a platform that is easily accessible and encourages them to give feedback.

4. How Nintex Promapp enables process automation. See how organizations can achieve their efficiency and continuous improvement goals when they automate processes that are clear, visible and instantly updated.

3. 5 good reasons to ditch Visio and find a BPM alternative. '...once you've used a proper business process mapping tool, you won't go back to Visio.' Our customers consistently join us due to frustrations about their scattered processes which lie dormant and unused, and are often too complex or too outdated to add value to business teams.  

2. Hidden treasure: 5 gems you'll find in a Nintex Promapp process map. Your processes should be simple, be detailed enough, be measurable, be visible, and help you manage risk. Don’t settle for less.

1. 6 techniques for creating engaging business processes. Get your process improvement efforts off to a good start with these 6 tried and tested tips on how to create business processes that your teams will find easy to understand and follow. These practical hints never get old.

Engage people in your processes.

You can effect real change in your organization by building a culture of continuous improvement and encouraging your teams to participate in process improvement.

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