Nintex Promapp supports growth and onboarding at UK airline.

CargoLogicAir, the UK’s only maindeck cargo airline, has announced they will use Nintex Promapp’s cloud-based business process management (BPM) software to support its fast growth as it plans to expand its fleet and network.

Levon Ouzounian, operations project manager at CargoLogicAir, explains what prompted the company’s search for a process management tool: ‘We have experienced dramatic growth since we started in 2015. As we enter a more mature phase of our development, our internal operations have become more complex.

‘With departments including finance, rostering and operations all managing tasks in different ways, we wanted a method of streamlining and standardizing our internal procedures.’

Speeding up the onboarding of staff.

‘One of the key challenges that drove us to look for a technology solution was the need to speed up the onboarding of new staff. By having clearer and easier processes to follow, we can make all types of training faster and easier.

‘We also wanted to ensure that we had the ability to capture and retain our knowledge and intellectual property, so it wasn’t just in someone’s head or in a document that was difficult to find,’ says Levon.

Currently, each internal department records processes in various formats such as Word and Visio. The company wanted a common approach to documenting procedures using a centralized online repository that could effectively distribute knowledge and support a continuous improvement culture.

Why Nintex Promapp?

CargoLogicAir reviewed the market of potential technology providers, including some specialist aviation solutions. However, according to Levon, many did not provide all of the features they required.

‘We chose Nintex Promapp as it ticked all the boxes. In particular, it delivered the critical features we wanted, including the ability to store documents and attachments, a feedback platform and an intuitive user interface.

‘We knew that if we put it in front of the finance or crewing department they would easily understand how to use it. The fact that processes have visual representations rather than just text is very helpful and will save significant time.’

Initially the software will be rolled out within the operations department and then company-wide.

Aviation procedures will be captured using Nintex Promapp, but will also be kept in manuals as required by the relevant authorities such as EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency).

Key benefits of deploying Nintex Promapp.

Some of the key benefits that CargoLogicAir expects to realize from deploying Nintex Promapp include:

  • Faster onboarding of staff with easier training
  • Ability to support rapid organizational growth
  • Consistency of processes across different departments
  • Facilitated communication and feedback on process improvements
  • Better engagement of staff due to ease of use and accessibility of process knowledge base
  • Centralized repository for processes will significantly reduce number of hours spent finding right the materials
  • Increased efficiencies and quality/speed of services
  • Retention of expert knowledge and intellectual property within the company

About CargoLogicAir.

Established in 2015, CargoLogicAir is a British cargo airline offering customers the highest levels of service, safety and security, delivered by its highly knowledgeable and experienced team of air cargo professionals.

From its headquarters at London Heathrow Airport, the company operates scheduled Boeing 747 Freighter services as well as global air cargo charter flights for customers around the world. With its lean business model, the development of CargoLogicAir’s services and network ensures customers enjoy a consistently high quality of service, that will be further enhanced as it explores new market opportunities.

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