Promapp and Nintex - better together.

David Bowie and Queen. Disney and Pixar. Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe. Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. Great collaborations improve outcomes and create fantastic opportunities for innovation. We think Nintex and Promapp are another example.

When Nintex acquired Promapp in July 2018, it brought the world’s leader in intelligent process automation and the leading market provider of process mapping and management technology together.

That collaboration promises to bring great developments in process excellence for your organization, both now and as the Promapp platform is integrated into the Nintex suite.

Some of the feedback we got when Nintex and Promapp shared the stage at the recent Nintex World Tour events tells us that a lot of people are as excited as we are.

Great things getting better.

One of the key concerns when something new is introduced into a winning formula is what could suffer. We’re committed to making sure the Nintex - Promapp combination doesn’t detract from either platform, but builds on the strengths of both.

Promapp’s simplicity, collaboration and engagement are a vital part of what makes it the process tool-of-choice for so many organizations, while the Nintex applications are recognized market leaders in no-code solutions for intelligent workflows, data-driven document and form generation and smart mobile connectivity.

None of that will change - both platforms will leverage the best of the new opportunity to create fresh and exciting possibilities.

That means Nintex Promapp will remain the process platform business teams love to engage with. The name may be new, but the look and feel of process mapping, risk and incident management, onboarding and training, document management and the engagement of business teams around a central source of process information will remain unchanged.

In time we’ll be exploring the possibilities that Nintex might hold for our customers, like integrated workflows, intelligent documents and responsive real-time analytics.

Adding to excellence.

While the central integration is being developed, there are still plenty of opportunities to build on the combined functionality of Nintex and Promapp.

Here are just a few examples of what you can do right now to make the most of both platforms.

  • Activate business forms
    Rather than using Word documents or spreadsheets, attach intelligent Nintex documents and forms in your processes to capture data and automate its collection and processing. Trigger workflows from right within the process steps when forms are completed.
  • Drive process compliance
    When Nintex workflows send instructions to contractors or remote workers, incorporate a mini-mode link that gives them access to view the relevant process without having to sign in to the whole system. Ensure procedures are understood and followed every time by giving staff access to the processes they need.
  • Identify automation
    Use Nintex Promapp’s system tags to identify where workflows fit in the wider process. Applying tags to activities or assigning the system to a step gives automation visibility in the process map, as well as allowing accurate reporting on where those opportunities occur across the organization.

  • Sign off risks
    Automation has recognizable risks, so use risk controls to ensure people sign off on the appropriate actions and reviews. Dashboard notifications alert users to controls that need reviewing or checks that need to be completed, ensuring everyone is aware of their responsibilities and oversight is maintained.

A winning combination.

There’s a reason why teams love Promapp, and we aren’t about to change that. Nintex Promapp will continue to engage business teams with simple, powerful process management tools that build collaboration and accountability, and fuel excellence.

We’ll keep working as we always have to provide the best process solutions for your business, but now with the added power of the global standard in process automation platforms.

It’s an exciting combination and we can’t wait to share what comes next as we build the tools together.

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