Boost engagement and collaboration with Promapp’s new 5-star rating feedback.

A living, breathing process improvement culture is attainable when you ask teams for feedback on processes.

All the world is a conversation. The new normal for users everywhere is the opportunity to give feedback: review a restaurant, like a friend’s holiday photos, dislike a post about car trouble, recommend a service that exceeded expectations, or not! 

Companies like TripAdvisor and Uber ask for a rating from their clients after every interaction.

The result? Users have a voice – they feel heard, and empowered to make an impact and initiate change. Organizations win because the real-time feedback they get from their clients provides an opportunity to get involved in two-way communication.

Process improvement should be no different.

BPM isn’t a technical challenge.

Investing in process improvement is about more than throwing dollars at a project or investing in technology. It involves getting the buy-in of your teams.

For years the focus of process improvement efforts has been on tools and methodologies, at the expense of harnessing the real engine of change – engaged teams that are driven to improve and succeed.

A living, breathing process improvement culture is attainable when you get teams engaged with your business improvement efforts. Encourage your teams to join the process improvement conversation.

Start the conversation.

Connect your teams with your process improvement efforts on a personal level. Promapp’s 5-star feedback rating makes it easy to boost engagement and collaboration.

With two quick clicks teams can give feedback on the simplicity and effectiveness of a process. They also get the option to give improvement suggestions in a text box, and respondents can indicate whether they’d like a response about their feedback, from the process owner:

Promapp Star Rating Feedback_Rate process

Process owners are kept in the loop with an automated email notifying them that they’ve had feedback on a process, and including the commentary that was posted:

Promapp Star Rating Feedback_Automated email

The dashboard tracks users’ feedback and responses, and houses it all in a central location where it can be accessed at any time. 

Promapp Star Rating Feedback_Dashboard

You can also track star ratings by process, owner, champion, business area and get an overall view of all the star ratings that have been submitted.


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