BPM: essential business infrastructure.

Constructing a vibrant city doesn't happen over night. Likewise, creating a culture of positive improvement and growth in a business won't just magically happen because you'd like it to.

Organisations need to support and promote a positive improvement culture with the right infrastructure. Read more for our take on the essential business elements that help people to collaborate, innovate, and thrive at work.

Creating a culture of positive improvement and growth sounds great - but it doesn’t happen by accident. Organisations need to support and promote a positive improvement culture with the right infrastructure.

For countries and cities, infrastructure means roads, powerlines, even community buildings - the essential elements that help people move around, live comfortably, and function in society. Business infrastructure is similar – it’s all the elements that help people do their jobs well, work together, and innovate. 

Depending on your business, you might need CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software for your sales team or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning software) for your supply chain teams.  BPM (Business Process Management) software should be another essential component of your business infrastructure.

Investing in improvement.

These systems can be significant in terms of cost - but they’re also significant in terms of what they can do for your business. Executive teams are often put off by the cost and effort involved, but, as business infrastructure investments, these costs should be viewed as an essential, long term investment in business success, rather than as a short term generator of quick benefits.

We need our teams to be free to innovate, keen to collaborate, engaged in their jobs and motivated to drive the business forward. But this doesn’t just happen. In a business that values improvement, BPM infrastructure is essential. The bottom line is investing in the right BPM solution always pays off, one way or another.

Process management for better business.

At Promapp we think process management is a key element of business infrastructure, like bridges and roads are to countries.  Not because that’s what we do, but because we’ve seen (and our clients have told us) what a difference it can make. 

Over the years, we’ve seen BPM become an essential part of the day to day function of hundreds of businesses all over the world.  Being able to record, store and most importantly, use day-to-day processes is a revelation for many businesses.

It’s a bit like driving on smooth asphalt after using a potholed gravel road for years. You may have accepted the potholed gravel road as the norm, but once you’ve shifted to something better, it’s impossible to go back – and you realise just how much the old way may have held you back across all facets of the business.

As business blogger Seth Godin says: ‘It’s easy to take (infrastructure) for granted, which is why visiting an organisation or nation that doesn’t have them is such a powerful wake up call.”

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