Business transformation.

Hundreds of organizations around the world trust Nintex Promapp’s enterprise grade process management to support their business transformation journey.

Business transformation.

Great front-office customer service starts in the back office. Customer service by customer facing teams depends on systems and processes running smoothly in the back office.

Transformation programs must be anchored with a clear understanding of the desired customer experience, as well as other outcomes like cost reduction and risk management.

Transformational change programs can be very costly and risky undertakings. Hundreds of organizations around the world trust Nintex Promapp’s enterprise grade process management software to support their journey.




Manage transformation from start to finish.

Before the transformation

Transformation teams depend on accurate current-state process knowledge. Assumptions are land mines that can erode ROI and kill project outcomes.

Nintex Promapp can be used to import or capture the current operating model. This forms an input to your gap analysis - the extent of change required to achieve future-state processes.

During the transformation

Nintex Promapp’s shared process platform delivers enterprise grade process collaboration capability.

Capabilities include system tagging for technology impacts, change management dashboards, process approval workflow with digital signatures, change highlighting and version control, process costing and process approval workflow.

After the transformation

Transformation programs can’t deliver benefits until changes have flowed through to day-to-day operations.

Process ownership reverts to process owners in business teams to continue the collaboration, because change is never ending - it doesn’t stop on go-live.

Rated #1 BPM software.

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Enabling business transformation, globally.

Christchurch Airport implements new ERP system.

Christchurch International Airport uses BPM to support their business transformation.

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