Monitoring and reporting on audits and controls.

The finance team at Adelaide Council uses Nintex Promapp for internal audit recommendations and risk management, driven by legislative changes.

Business benefits.

  • Integrated documentation and management of internal financial controls

  • Automated accountability system 

  • Automated reporting to meet legislative requirements

  • Better communication between departments 

  • Changes to documents recorded in real time

  • Follow-up for internal audit recommendations

  • Integrated hub for all business processes

  • Automated reporting of complex processes for multiple teams

Like most local government organizations, Adelaide City Council has a lot on its plate. Staff to manage, services to provide, assets to maintain, ratepayers to serve, external controls to meet. It’s like a group of businesses with a range of needs and goals, operating under one roof.

For Adelaide City Council’s financial services department, Nintex Promapp has been a game-changer, simplifying and streamlining reporting and process management, improving communication, and helping team members learn from each other.

‘For the finance department, it has been a great tool to get the knowledge base out there where it’s most useful,’ stated Annette Pianezzola, senior risk and controls analyst.

Legislative changes set by the local government meant that the finance department had to set up internal  financial controls that could be overseen by the council’s auditors. They needed an automated accountability system to monitor and report on internal  controls, internal auditing and risk management.

Help with audits and controls.

With 89 separate risk management processes to follow, the finance team were bogged down in external audits and controls. Processes were mostly managed in Word documents or spreadsheets, which made them difficult for staff to access and update when they needed to.

Before Nintex Promapp was implemented, auditing, analysis and  reporting were done manually, which was time consuming and difficult. Producing a single report could involve two days working with statistics and formatting.

Efficiency, communication, controls.

Council staff say the rollout of Nintex Promapp was seamless, with no downtime affecting their day-to-day work. They’ve also commented that it’s intuitive and easy to use, so people at every level of the business can create and interact with processes – even if they don’t have high-level technical skills.
‘I found Nintex Promapp very easy to use. This is coming from someone with no process mapping skills,’ stated Pianezzola.
Efficiency, communication, controls. For Adelaide City Council, Nintex Promapp is transforming the way they work.


Transparency across teams.

Nintex Promapp not only helps the finance team meet its legislative requirements, it serves as an integrated hub for business processes and procedures. These include internal financial controls, audit recommendations, risk management, and process

It’s an automated accountability system and
reporting tool, which keeps track of complex processes and day-to-day work across multiple teams.

This means that work is visible across the department, so staff can see what other teams are doing. Inefficient processes and redundancies are streamlined, leading staff to be more creative and innovative in the work they do.

For example, starting a new business in Adelaide requires potential owners to talk to eight different people in the council. Nintex Promapp lets staff visualize that complex process and see if each step is necessary. This isn’t just better for council staff, it also has the potential to improve customer service and make things easier for ratepayers.

The finance department uses Nintex Promapp’s improvement add-on to simplify communication, especially during internal and external audits. This means less time spent managing documents and information, and fewer mistakes and
miscommunications. Before, auditors and finance staff would email documents back and forth with notes and changes.
Now that documentation is centralized and updated in real time, everyone involved can see progress as it happens.

There’s more efficiency – we’ve set it up so auditors can put findings straight into Nintex Promapp, so the work is flowed to the council to complete.

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