ISO certification made simple for Agilyx.

A global IT services company, Agilyx sells, maintains and supports ERP systems for large organizations like NZ Post and the Queensland Government.

Business benefits.

  • Increased operational efficiency

  • Ongoing process improvement

  • Significant reduction in paperwork

  • Consistency between global offices

  • Assistance with ongoing compliance with ISO27001 requirements

  • Achievement of Enviro-Mark Diamond Level certification in just three months

  • Confidence to achieve further ISO accreditations for offices globally

Headquartered in Sydney, Agilyx has grown to include offices in Canada, the UK, Singapore and New Zealand, adding complexity to this busy, high-performing company. 

To manage the complexity that is frequently part of integrating compliance systems into day-to-day operations, Agilyx moved their critical information security management system using Nintex Promapp’s risk and compliance add-on.

Agilyx also needed a better way to document and communicate processes across their worldwide operations. ‘We’ve seen ongoing process improvement as well as huge improvements in operational efficiency, since we started focusing on business process management,’ says global operations manager Matthew Pritchard.


ISO27001, with less administration.

As an IT company, information security is critical, which is why ISO27001 accreditation was such a landmark achievement for Agilyx.

‘We’re really proud of reaching that milestone, and Nintex Promapp makes administration much easier and more engaging for stakeholders,’ says Matthew.

The ongoing management of Agilyx’s information security management system became a relatively straightforward matter with the help of Nintex Promapp.

By overlaying the risk and security management processes and policies that were already in Agilyx’s captured processes, they significantly reduced the administrative effort involved.

The Agilyx team continues to use Nintex Promapp every day, constantly reviewing and refining processes as part of their business-as-usual activity, making it easier to remain compliant with ISO27001 requirements.

‘We didn’t have to encourage teams to use the platform – Nintex Promapp is easy to follow so they jumped right into it.’

Embed corporate social responsibility into processes.

With these successes under their belt, the Agilyx team also identified the opportunity to make care for the environment part of their day-to-day operations.

Their goal was to improve the company’s environmental practice and management system, and to achieve Enviro-Mark Diamond Level status to prove it.

Matthew says it has delivered business benefits, like contributing a corporate social responsibility component to Agilyx’s full supply chain.

‘Our prospective customers want to deal with businesses who are taking steps to mitigate their impact on the environment.
‘In a market as competitive as ours, being able to demonstrate that intention certainly helps to make us more attractive as a business partner.’

Easing the pain for auditors.

The rigors involved in achieving Enviro-Mark Diamond Level status cannot be understated. ‘Despite the anticipated challenges, we went ahead with the environmental accreditation because we were confident we could achieve it with the help of Nintex Promapp.

‘Using Nintex Promapp changed our business case – we knew we could do it without too much disruption to operations, and we wouldn’t have to contend with stacks of paper.’

Looking back on what should have been a complex, disruptive time, Matthew says: ‘I had Nintex Promapp open on my laptop, and that was the only repository of information I needed.

‘I didn’t have to pull out any other docs or juggle folders of paper, it was all captured in the software.

‘The external auditor absolutely loved it. I could pull up a risk treatment and click right through to the process to show how we controlled that risk.

‘It’s all in the same place within Nintex Promapp, linked together in an attractive format.’

Agilyx exceeded their own expectations by deploying the environmental management system certification in just three months.

The resulting headline metrics? Agilyx reduced their electricity usage by 15%, while diverting hazardous material, like e-waste and batteries.

The organization has also substantially reduced their paper usage. Matthew says: ‘The sheer volume of documents that no longer exist because of Nintex Promapp is quite amazing.

‘Now our shredded paper goes to the Wellington SPCA, so in effect we support puppies!’

Worldwide ISO certifications with minimal disruption.

Encouraged by the seamless experience of the New Zealand business team, Agilyx’s other offices are now also considering using Nintex Promapp to help achieve their certifications.

As Matthew explains, ‘Nintex Promapp has given us the confidence to work towards these certifications across the worldwide operation, knowing that there will be minimal disruption.’

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