Best practice shared across global car manufacturer's Australian dealerships.

Traditionally manufacturers have been in the habit of storing the minutiae of their business processes in manuals that are hundreds of pages long. ‘Rarely used and almost always forgotten, this method of managing customer service procedures resulted in processes that sometimes varied widely within our car dealership network,’ says one of Nintex Promapp’s leading vehicle manufacturing clients.

Business benefits.

  • Easy-to-follow processes replace redundant manuals

  • Enhanced customer service experience

  • Flexibility and simplicity empower dealers with autonomy

  • Better onboarding and succession planning

  • Ability to retain and share intellectual property

  • Users access relevant levels of detail

  • Foundation laid for ongoing process improvement

In an industry where quality and ongoing process improvement is key, this automotive manufacturer’s Australian service division felt it was falling short of its own exacting standards.

They had no way to ensure customers received service excellence, and dealers couldn’t access – or share - knowledge about best practice.

More than knowledge capture.

In line with their single-mindedness to achieve excellent end-user standards, our customer made this comment on the value of using a process management tool: ‘It’s clear that mapping processes in Nintex Promapp is an efficient way to streamline compliance audits, but what we also really appreciate is how the platform can significantly improve the guest experience of our customers.’

The team’s commitment to excellence has them driving their network of car dealers’ uptake of Nintex Promapp. The multiple benefits delivered by the system quickly became evident, with very little extra work on the part of the dealers.

‘Like most of us, dealers are busy. For processes to be useful, they need to be as simple as possible, with access to the right level of detail.

'Nintex Promapp delivers information in bite-size, easy-to-follow processes, and allows users to drill down into the layer of detail they need. This is a key benefit for us, which has impressed our regional managers.

‘Execs have realized the importance of capturing the organization’s intellectual property and how processes can contribute to a consistent experience for customers, resulting in a more profitable business for the dealers.’

Flexibility and simplicity.

Nintex Promapp strikes the perfect balance for car dealerships by helping dealers to formalize excellent processes, without being overly prescriptive.

‘Various dealerships might have a different way of doing things. By making a series of process templates available, dealers can modify them to suit their individual business needs.

‘These core templates have been well-received, because many dealers are focused on sales and aren’t given to spending large amounts of time working with technology and computers.

‘Nintex Promapp’s flexibility and usability easily facilitate this capability, and edits to process maps are easy to make.’

Future endeavors are poised for success.

Nintex Promapp is a big improvement on previous process management tools which consisted mainly of memory and a few Microsoft Word documents.

With the easy transfer of best practice and ideas between the dealers, this car manufacturer can now achieve efficiencies by capturing processes that form part of a new team member’s onboarding. Previously stored in the manager’s head, this helps them to manage obvious risks to the organization.

‘Nintex Promapp facilitates sound succession planning and helps us to make sure everything is documented and easy to understand. Not just the basics, but the tips and tricks, and little nuances you need to get up-to-speed quickly.’

Teams are in the driving seat.

Since its implementation of Nintex Promapp, this automotive manufacturer now has the confidence that its teams are empowered to capture, store, share, review and edit its business processes.

With engagement from front line teams and visible support from the executive team, this Nintex Promapp client is successfully driving a culture of process improvement, effectively managing compliance audits, facilitating ongoing improvement, and ultimately working towards providing a world class experience for their clients.


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