CAE Australia insists on both compliance and performance.

When CAE outgrew Visio, Nintex Promapp helped them save time, enable process ownership and engage teams in process improvement efforts.

Business benefits.

  • All teams have access to processes

  • Simplified risk and incident management

  • Incidents are identified before impact

  • More effective process management

  • Improved quality and service delivery

  • Client feedback reflects improvement

CAE is a global leader in providing comprehensive training solutions based on world-leading simulation  technology and integrated training services.

CAE employs 8,000 people at more than 160 sites and training locations in 35 countries. The company trains more than 120,000 civil and military aviation crew members annually. CAE Australia transformed their business by embedding continuous improvement into the fabric of their organization.

Before moving into his current role, Remi Guillemette, CAE Australia’s business processes and continuous improvement manager, was an engineer with CAE for 18 years. Having endured a lack of clarity around who was responsible for what, he set out to change things.

Remi began driving a shift toward a culture with continuous improvement at its heart. A shift in business process management is the key. He passionately believes that allowing workers to have input and ownership over their processes is the first step towards genuine continuous improvement and all of the business benefits it brings.


Shifting the focus: from compliance to performance.

A transformational shift in process ownership at CAE is changing the focus from compliance to performance, without compromising compliance. ‘There must be no compromise between compliance and agility, we must be able to do both very well,’ says Remi.

‘When employees can define and refine their own processes, they’re empowered to find better, smarter ways of doing things. Every day at work becomes an opportunity for making improvements.’



The right software.

The first step taken by CAE was to listen to the ‘voice of the business’. CAE involved 15 key stakeholders in a full-day workshop to identify their needs and wants for a new business process management infrastructure. This resulted in 16 prioritized requirements, which were then used to evaluate BPM tools.

CAE then did a stock take of their existing process documents. They created new online processes in Nintex Promapp,  and then rolled out Nintex Promapp to all employees with a fast-paced and entertaining briefing session. 

Motivating process owners and experts.

To motivate employees to take ownership of their processes, Remi and his colleagues developed a process management training program. This is delivered in a one-day course followed by one-on-one coaching, helping the new process experts and owners to define their first process.

Process experts and owners are then left to sustain their processes for a few months, with follow-up sessions taking place to fill the training gap. Those who complete the program are recognized in front of the whole company, which promotes the importance of the newly-created roles.

A key success factor is the workshop and the collaborative environment used to define the processes. Process owners and experts think about why the process exists, who the process customers are and what they care about, and who is doing the work. These workshops are done in a fun way.

Nintex Promapp – the perfect fit for CAE.

Nintex Promapp’s simplicity and usefulness has made it easier to get people to want to be process owners. The system enables improvement by making it easy to update process maps and procedures, and to produce role descriptions based on those process maps. He says he feels ‘very sorry’ for those who are still using Visio and Word.

Taking Nintex Promapp processes to the world.

CAE Australia and New Zealand are continuing to roll out the BPM program Remi has kick-started. CAE India will shortly begin training on the program, and the company’s worldwide civil aviation training division have voiced their interest. If results continue to head in the right direction this new approach has the potential to spread throughout CAE globally.


Remi sees Nintex Promapp as the perfect tool for helping CAE on their continuous improvement culture transformation, calling it “simple and intuitive, yet very powerful”.


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