No negotiation on excellence and quality for manufacturer.

Character Cabinets used Nintex Promapp to manage risk and make improvements in their deadline-driven industry, where reputation is everything.

Business benefits.

  • Consistent service delivery and quality

  • Increased client base

  • Improved processes

  • Fully engaged staff

  • Problems and incidents are picked up before impact

  • Risk management is on a unified platform

Character Group produces cabinetry and stone  benchtops for about 2,000 homes a year in Western Australia.

Character Cabinets mass-produce their products, but  every kitchen and every house is unique. Planning is essential to meet this customized demand on time and on budget. When that doesn’t happen, builders lose money and companies like Character Group lose  valuable business down the line.

Daniel Giles is the lean operations facilitator for  Character Group. When he investigated the company’s processes, he immediately saw a gap in their  operations.

Timeline pressures can be costly.

At Character Group they know the building industry is all about strict timelines. With the industry downturn and mid-range builders struggling, it was more vital than ever for production to meet the demand, on time. Cabinetry is the biggest trade to go into a house and one of the last before handing the keys to the new owner. Character Group needed
better processes to keep to the schedule and still maintain quality.

‘If we don’t have all our ducks in a row, we can blow out the build time very quickly. That’s a big cost, a bad reputation for the builder, and a bad reputation for us. You’re only as good as your last job.’


Nintex Promapp pays for itself.

Daniel knew from a previous role that Nintex Promapp rated the best in user testing. It was also easy to implement, cost-effective and simple to use. He spearheaded a business case for Character Group, to test the viability of implementing Nintex Promapp. The
results? Nintex Promapp would pay for itself in process efficiencies in as little as six months.

The predictions seem to be on point and Nintex Promapp is on track to deliver on that expected value.

That, says Daniel, was also down to the impressive uptake from staff. Mapping the pre-production planning and production processes was also critical – now each job can be executed without mistakes and on time.


‘We’ve had huge engagement. Everyone jumped right in, even people who had barely used email. It was especially good for team leaders in the factory – there are accessible terminals in the workshop. They use Nintex Promapp every day to help them do what they do.’

Investing in work culture.

The process mapping wasn’t left to one person – all the management, supervisors and even front-line staff were involved, which meant that the whole company was on board. Now, even in training sessions, Nintex Promapp is used to map processes that need improving.

With Nintex Promapp, everyone in the company is now aware of how  other team members fit into each process. This makes it much easier to work together. 

Staff have been able to meet deadlines without compromising safety or quality. ‘We’re more efficient, our production is  faster and we’re improving our work culture. Working together is really paying off.’

Character Group’s point of difference.

Other cabinetry manufacturers have similar machinery and factory technology. The point of difference for Character Group is the consistent quality of product that is possible when processes are in place. That comes down to their new culture of excellence, which was made possible by Nintex Promapp.

While everyone in the industry faces the same problems and issues – and some even work with similar facilities and identical machinery – with Nintex Promapp and full staff engagement Character Group have been able to deliver standardized quality, consistently on time. That’s earning them a stellar reputation – and new business. More and
more builders are choosing to work with Character Group and business is growing, despite the market downturn. Daniel says it’s a competitive edge that will keep paying dividends into the future.

‘I invite our competitors to come and tour the workshop. I’m not worried. They have the same equipment we do, but they can’t steal our process culture.’


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