Community Colleges ensures consistency with Nintex Promapp.

The shift from a paper-based QMS to cloud-based BPM software saves time, helps manage risk and encourages continuous improvement.

Business benefits.

  • Increased staff engagement

  • Centralized processes

  • No paper-based QMS

  • Less time spent reviewing and recording processes and systems

  • Ongoing process improvement and risk management

  • Cross-organization process sharing

  • Simpler audits

Community Colleges NZ are a charitable training  establishment committed to delivering quality education,  skills and knowledge to New Zealand’s youth.

As an education provider, Community Colleges are subject  to the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) inspections that measure their educational performance and their ability to assess and improve themselves. These inspections, called external evaluation  and review (EER), determine their ranking as a tertiary  education provider.

After an inspection in 2012 rated them as ‘confident’ and   category 2 provider, CEO Doug Reid and Systems Manager Sue Brookes knew they needed a better way of  recording improvement processes.

‘We were doing all the things that NZQA required, but we  weren’t able to demonstrate it. We needed a system that  didn’t require our managers to spend hours writing  reports. That was important – our students are our most  important part – and we want our staff to spend as much  time as possible with them.’

Nintex Promapp – a perfect fit.

Before Nintex Promapp, Community Colleges used a paperbased quality management system (QMS) which was time consuming. Making  sure everyone was on the same page was difficult, and often  different sites would have a slightly different way of doing  things.

‘We were quite relaxed about that, but evaluators don’t like  variations. Now that everything’s centralized, it shows we’re  consistent across the organization.’

What they needed was a system that prompted staff, but didn’t  require lots of effort. Sue says Nintex Promapp’s risk add-on was  absolutely perfect’ for that and the improvement add-on gave  them a place to capture information when they needed to investigate something.

Now the staff have easy access to everything – the latest forms, policies and processes. And because the QMS used the same  structure and language, they didn’t have to start from scratch –  converting everything into Nintex Promapp was straight forward.

Doug says the system gives everyone a big picture view of  here the company is headed – and how they fit into that.

Nintex Promapp – a way of life.

Today Nintex Promapp has become an integral part of the way  community Colleges operate. Doug says they were very careful  with the roll-out and they are still getting good feedback from  the staff.

The confidence and security of a consistent, welldefined process  is proving to be a real motivator for staff engagement.

Reaping the rewards.

In their latest EER, Community Colleges was ranked as category and ‘highly confident’ – the highest level. This is a good feeling  for the organization’s ‘skite value’ as Doug calls it, but also  makes things practically easier.

‘It makes it that much easier, because we now have proof that  we know what we’re talking about. Nintex Promapp contributed to that  - we’re very impressed.’

They are seeing more consistency across the organization – staff who thought they were doing things right, but weren’t, have  been brought up to speed. And it’s now easier for the different departments and locations to understand how their work impacts  others.

For example, two business areas, education and youth support,  have some crossover. Nintex Promapp shows how those interactions  work together, creating more efficient systems.

Sue also says they have recommended Nintex Promapp to other  organizations, and have identified other businesses that use  Nintex Promapp – which has brought more benefits.

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