4 business units integrate seamlessly.

Controlling process variations means ConnectWise can avoid duplications and efficiently share changes across the business in real time.

Business benefits.

  • Smooth transition to new streamlined

  • Easy integration with existing SharePoint

  • Intuitive simple system to use and understand

  • Cluttered library will be reduced by 75%

  • No more duplications

  • Processes are easy to find

  • Increased communication through feedback tool

  • Simplified process variant management

ConnectWise empowers technology solution providers to reach their goals faster through its awardwinning software suite and other programs. When they integrated their four business units under one umbrella, you could still see the ‘cracks’ where they joined.

Duplications, clones of material, process variations, outdated documents and other issues were tangling up  ConnectWise’s systems and slowing things down. They  found a solution to these issues - and more - in Nintex Promapp’s  process management software.


Simplicity wins in the end.

Documentation specialist Robert Browning explains that when  ConnectWise decided to rebrand, they brought four separate  business units together. These units – ConnectWise Automate,  ConnectWise Sell, ConnectWise Control and ConnectWise  Manage – had previously been quite separate, which meant they were using a range of disparate processes and tools.

Making sure all four units were able to work together and  communicate effectively involved making process management  consistent – which is where Nintex Promapp came in.

Robert says it was Nintex Promapp’s simplicity and the fact that it  integrated with SharePoint that won him and the team over.

He points out that since implementing Nintex Promapp, and after  running dozens of training classes for staff, there have never  been any questions or issues about how to write processes or  use the tool.

There are now more than 100 ConnectWise staff logging in and  writing processes with Nintex Promapp each week. The company is also starting to find ways to onboard new colleagues using the  software.

Targeted tools to meet needs.

The ConnectWise staff skews young, with many millennials and  colleagues under the age of 30. For this group in particular,  Nintex Promapp’s use of visual workflows and processes has been a  benefit.

An unexpected benefit has been a reduction in used storage  space – Robert estimates that they’ll reduce their process library size by 75 percent, as Nintex Promapp’s new process variant  management add-on enables them to streamline a similar  process replicated across the four main business units, into a  single process map.

Nintex Promapp’s ability to integrate with their existing SharePoint  system also made life easier for the team. 

Better feedback, better  communication.

After using Nintex Promapp for just over a year, many of the ‘seams’  were fixed, and measurable improvements had been made.

ConnectWise has captured close to 1,500 key processes, with  many more left to document. Staff are using the feedback tool  regularly, which is helping with communication throughout the  team, including those based off-site.

‘Our teams are used to using Agile methodology, like sprints, to  try out something new. So, we’ve brought this into practice with  feedback that we’re receiving about workflow processes,’ Robert  explains.

This means team members will try a suggested improvement  over a set period of time, then assess its effectiveness and either revert back to the original version or keep going with the new process.

Prompt process change.

Another benefit is Nintex Promapp’s agility. ConnectWise works in a  fast-paced, rapid-change environment, and modifications  often need to happen quickly. Pre-Promapp, modifying a  single process could take weeks, or even months.

Even during the first year of using Nintex Promapp, there were often  double-ups as people cloned one process, added  changes that best suited them, and then stored it in their own folder. This made it difficult for others to know where the right process was when doing a Nintex Promapp or SharePoint  search, since variations often used very similar titles.

By using Nintex Promapp’s process variant management add-on,  ConnectWise now has a much more seamless system. The  simple drop-down menu leads people to their business unit  where they can find the right process variation to meet their  needs.

This also saves time when people are making modifications.  They only need to make one change and Nintex Promapp does the  rest – updating the other process variants and notifying  people of the change. ‘Previously, it was four different people, four different times, making the same modification in four different places. Now, one person makes the change and it  pushes out to all four systems at the same time - saving us time.’

Simple, streamlined, successful.

The simplicity and effectiveness of Nintex Promapp’s systems have  won over the ConnectWise team. The software is meeting the expectations of the nearly 1,000 colleagues at ConnectWise,  with Robert receiving great feedback from different teams who are pleased with how easy it is to manage workflows.

The big things – reducing clutter, and increasing the speed  and efficiency of process changes – are obviously beneficial,  but Robert says the little things have really impressed as well.

After struggling with the ‘seams’ and issues that came with  integration, ConnectWise is now well on its way to becoming  a seamless, successful business. 


Previously, it was four different people, four different times, making the same modification  in four different places. Now, one person makes the change and it pushes out to all four  systems at the same time - saving us time. 


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