Managing escalated training and competence requirements.

Dairy Nutraceuticals meets increased compliance requirements related to food safety, which focus on induction, training and retraining.

Business benefits.

  • Meet increased compliance requirements related to health and safety,induction and training. 

  • Access all processes documents and training  material from one place

  • Easily plan and track training activities

  • Manage health and safety, financial and production risks

Dairy Nutraceuticals (DNL) is in the business of enhancing  lives through natural nutrition. DNL manufactures a range of fortified powders that are  targeted at the nutritional needs of specific age groups -   from complete supplementary infant nutrition through to support for heart and brain function for the elderly. 

The food manufacturing industry is heavily regulated,  with stringent audits scheduled regularly. In addition,  customers and consumers have everincreasing expectations of the quality and safety of the foods  produced by manufacturers.

To handle these pressures  and meet the exacting standards particular to the food  manufacturing industry, Dairy Nutraceuticals (DNL) uses Nintex Promapp to help them manage all their compliance documentation.

All standard operating procedures (SOPs) for each business function are housed within their processes. These SOPs are supported by documents that can be  downloaded as required.

The Nintex Promapp risk add-on currently hosts their health and  safety risks, which will be expanded to include financial  and production risks. Continuous improvement processes  like non-conformance, change management, complaints,  health and safety hazards and incidents, and suggestions  for improvement are managed with the improvement add-on.

Escalated training and competence requirements.

Training requirements have increased - simply indicating that a  staff member has attended training on a given topic is no longer  enough. One of the growing focus points of the industry audits is  in training and, more recently, on operator competence.

Today, organizations must be able to produce evidence that  those people who operate critical parts of the process are  competent to do so – that they understand the process, the  impacts, and the risks of their process. 


Dairy Nutraceuticals, like all businesses, are also facing  increased compliance requirements in the area of health and  safety. In this space the focus is on induction, training and  retraining. Training is normally carried out:

  • Against a document or presentation
  • Against approved procedures
  • In real time in the work environment

Processes, documents, and training in one place.

Each of these produces their own challenges in how training is
delivered and how the record of training or competency is captured.

Dairy Nutraceuticals found it helpful to link their  training directly with their approved procedures and documents  in Nintex Promapp. Having all their processes, documents, and training  in one platform makes it easy to organize training and capture  records.

It also helps with forward planning by providing an overview of  what training is required across the whole organization.

Preparing for regulatory registrations. 

As a new business Dairy Nutraceuticals will need to launch a large volume of training to ensure their staff are informed,  knowledgeable and competent in time for their first  commercial manufacture.

Timing for the release of Nintex Promapp’s  training add-on has been perfect for Dairy Nutraceuticals, giving them the ability  to plan and manage training using Nintex Promapp. 

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