Integrate process improvement efforts with risk management.

The Department of Justice and Regulation’s improved processes result in staff ownership and encourage feedback in a complex environment.

Business benefits.

  • All teams have access to processes
  • Simplified risk and incident management
  • Incidents are identified before impact
  • More effective process management
  • Improved quality and service delivery
  • Client feedback reflects improvement

The Infringement Management and Enforcement  Services (IMES) unit at the Department of Justice
in Victoria, Australia is responsible for improving road safety, reducing road trauma, civil compliance, collecting on debts and dealing with the assets of crime.

The IMES team of around 170 also manages support areas for the Department of Justice such as commercial and legal, finance, policy, contract monitoring and business intelligence.

Simplifying processes to put process ownership closer to home.

Before using Nintex Promapp, IMES captured and managed data in Word and Visio, which led to a lack of cohesion and consistency. There were many different ways to follow procedures – and these procedures were often developed by people not directly involved in the dayto-day work.

Staff had to work with complex systems and information was hard to find. Since ownership of the processes and procedures was unclear, many were rarely updated. The induction process was also lacking.

These issues created an environment where processes were not well communicated and often not followed.

Ahead of the pack.

Once IMES decided something needed to be done, they set up a trial of Nintex Promapp. For twelve months they appraised the  software, in particular the use of the cloud to store their data. The IT people wanted to be sure there was no risk to the business – and none was found.

During the trial phase IMES also looked into other products to make sure Nintex Promapp was the right choice. The team found only one other product that offered similar functionality, but it did not come close in terms of usability and fit with IMES’s needs.


Simple and intuitive.

Nintex Promapp’s simplicity means that people can quickly see how to manage and follow a process. Now staff can take ownership and control, improving workflow and accountability with processes that are standardized, documented and easy to find.

Induction of staff has improved too. A straightforward introduction speeds up the process and reduces the risk of things going wrong.

Access to the latest process knowledge (as well as all historical versions) helps keep tabs on the evolution of a process. And the ability to share draft processes means all invested parties get input into the final product.


Other features that simplify things are a glossary of terms and acronyms, a simple but powerful search function, configurable settings for email reminders and online help from the Nintex Promapp team.

The Department of Justice & Regulation has also added the risk add-on to their Nintex Promapp suite, as they see synergy between managing risks and managing processes. They want to instill similar disciplines and knowledge management into that aspect of managing their business.

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